Leading Stretch Film Manufacturer & Distributor in China: Quality Plastic Stretch Films

Leading Stretch Film Manufacturer & Distributor in China: Quality Plastic Stretch Films

Discover top-tier plastic stretch films from a renowned manufacturer and distributor based in China. Specializing in durable and versatile stretch film for companies globally. Explore our range of products tailored to meet your packaging needs.

Hot sell size:500mm*20mic*3.7kg N.W, 500mm*23mic*2.5kg N.W,

What is the pallet shrink wrap?

Pallet shrink wrap, or stretch film, is a highly elastic plastic sheeting usually made from linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE). It is used to wrap around goods, particularly those on pallets loaded with merchandise, to secure and stabilize them during transportation or storage. Combining this with custom printed packing tape, you have a comprehensive packaging solution. The custom tape can be used to seal the shrink wrap further or applied directly to the goods, providing an additional layer of security and brand recognition. This combination is especially useful for businesses looking to maintain the integrity of their shipments while also promoting their brand through customized logos on the packing tape.

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Stretch Film Wholesale Durable from Trusted Manufacturers

Our stretch film China is created for better strength and toughness. As leading plastic stretch film manufacturer, we ensure that every roll provides top-quality puncture resistance and load retention so it’s great for securing pallets and things in transit. The film from stretch film factory stiffness and strength ensures moisture, dust & damage proof for a wide range of packaging requirements.

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High Quality LLDPE Stretch Film for Effective Packaging

We offer top-quality LLDPE stretch film characterized by outstanding clarity and elongation. This film has been designed to pack and tightly strap goods so as they are stable when handling them or during transport. The good adhesive properties and uniform thickness make it an effective solution for both industrial and commercial packaging. Wholesale packing tape, which complement the stretch film in packaging tasks, emphasizing their collective use in a wide range of packaging requirements, providing moisture, dust, and damage protection.


Eco-Friendly LLDPE Stretch Film Solutions

As environmentally friendly stretch film companies, we are concerned about environmental conservation. As stretch film distributor, our china hand stretch film are not only strong and multifunctional, but also environmentally friendly as the materials used for their production can be recycled. They provide just the right divide between practicality and environmental sustainability, making them a great choice for companies seeking to minimize their carbon footprint while maintaining high-quality packaging.

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Technical Data Sheet



Type of plastic (e.g., LLDPE, PVC)
Thickness Measured in microns (e.g., 15µm, 20µm, 30µm)
Width Measured in millimeters or inches (e.g., 500mm, 20 inches)
Length Length of the roll (e.g., 300m, 1000ft)
Elongation at Break Percentage indicating stretch before breaking
Tensile Strength Measured in MPa or psi
UV Resistance Resistance to ultraviolet light degradation
Color Clear, black, colored, etc.
Recyclability Information on recyclability and environmental impact
Temperature Resistance

Suitable temperature range for use


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Some frequently asked questions we receive about any tapes.
What services do stretch film companies typically offer to their clients?

Stretch film companies often provide services like customized film solutions, expert consultation on packaging needs, logistical support, and after-sales services, ensuring a comprehensive solution for clients’ packaging requirements.

Why is stretch film from China considered a good choice for international buyers?

Stretch film from China is favored due to its competitive pricing, high-quality standards, large production capacity, and the ability of Chinese manufacturers to quickly adapt to market trends and customer needs.

How does a plastic stretch film manufacturer ensure product quality?

Quality is ensured through rigorous testing for properties like tensile strength, puncture resistance, and clarity, adherence to manufacturing standards, and continuous quality control checks throughout the production process.

What distinguishes a PE stretch film factory from other plastic film producers?

A PE stretch film factory specializes in producing Polyethylene (PE) stretch films, known for their high stretchability, durability, and moisture resistance, making stretch film suppliers suitable for a wide range of packaging applications.

What should I consider when choosing a pallet stretch film manufacturer?

Consider the stretch film manufacturer's experience, the quality and range of their stretch film products, their production capacity, and their ability to meet specific requirements like custom sizes or specialized film types.

How do I select a reliable LLDPE stretch film supplier?

Look for stretch wrap film manufacturers with a good track record, quality certification, product selection range, competitive pricing and positive customer reviews to ensure reliability and product quality.

What applications are best suited for 500mm wide China stretch film?

The 500mm wide China stretch film is ideal for wrapping medium-sized pallets, bundling smaller items, and is often used in both industrial and commercial settings for its versatility and ease of application.

What are the advantages of using China LLDPE clear stretch film?

 The advantages of stretch wrap film suppliers include its strong puncture resistance, excellent product visibility, and the flexibility it offers, made from linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), a material known for its strength and durability.

Why is China hand stretch film popular in the packaging industry?

China hand stretch film  is popular because of its affordable price, high quality, and wide selection from numerous manufacturers in China, catering to different packaging needs.

What are the benefits of buying stretch film in wholesale?

Buying stretch film in wholesale typically offers cost savings due to bulk pricing, ensures consistent supply for large-scale operations, and can provide more options in terms of film types and sizes.

Why Choose Opalus Packaging?

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    We believe that responsible business practices are not only the right thing to do, but the smart thing to do in the long run.
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