How Do You Choose Glass Cloth Tape? Which Aspects Should Be Noted?

  • 2023-11-27
  • admin

How to Choose Glass Cloth Adhesive Tape?

1. When choosing the glass cloth tape, we should pay special attention on the stickiness of the product. The firmness of the adhesive can only be improved by the good stickiness.

2. It is also required that the corrosion resistance should be considered when choosing the glass cloth tape. Especially in the environments where the chemicals are frequently used, the corrosion resistance is higher, the performance of the glass cloth tape can be more comprehensive.

3. It is also necessary to consider the strength of the product when choosing the glass cloth tape. Some are prone to breakage and lack durability, but some are very strong with high adhesion, suitable to use on the irregular surfaces.

4. The thickness of the tape also should be focused when choosing the glass cloth insulation tape. The thicker tape also owns better insulation. But it should be noted that the excessive thickness of the glass cloth tape may result in a decrease on stickiness and flexibility.

In summary, the choice of the glass cloth tape should be based on the actual usage occasions and needs of oneself, and then the products with moderate thickness and high stickiness can be selected. If used in chemical conditions, it is recommended to choose the glass cloth tape high temperature with high corrosion resistance.