Automotive Masking Paper - Premium Manufacturer Options

Automotive Masking Paper - Premium Manufacturer Options

As a leading automotive masking paper manufacturer, our self-adhesive masking solutions, perfect for both professional and DIY automotive projects.

SIZE:100MM X 15M/300MM X 15M/600MM X 15M

How is adhesive masking paper for painting defined?

Automotive self adhesive masking paper is easy and convenient for people since it has high-density protective coverage. Providing a unique coating, the film stays to any surface sealed even during windy weather or using sprayers. Using the automotive masking tape and paper and Easy Mask’s QM5000 PRO separately or together makes your painting projects go quicker without stress. It’s a goodbye to complicated, time-consuming masking and hello hassle free painting with high quality automotive masking paper with tape.

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Flexible And Strong

Adhesive masking paper for painting are essential tools in the auto painting industry, offering a flexible and strong solution for achieving precision and protection during the painting process. This specialized automotive masking tape and paper is designed to effectively cover and protect areas of a vehicle that are not being painted, ensuring sharp paint lines and preventing overspray. The custom printed paper tape, tailored for automotive use, complements the custom printed kraft tape by providing secure adhesion and easy removal. This combination of custom kraft paper tape and custom printed paper tape presents a robust, flexible solution that significantly enhances efficiency and precision in auto painting tasks.

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Superior Performance

The superior performance can be illustrated by the example of masking paper for auto painting which is characterized with its specialized design features corresponding to specific requirements of automotive refinishing industry. Masking paper for painting cars is formulated to meet the tough conditions of auto painting, being highly resistant against paint and solvents as well moisture. The excellence in its tear endurance and durability shows that masking paper for spray painting can withstand harsh conditions without tearing or falling apart.

Complete Specifications

Automotive masking paper manufacturer offer a wide range of sizes including 150mm, 300mm, 450mm, 600mm, and more to meet all your shielding needs.
Masking paper for cars come in various specifications to cater to different occasions. About automotive masking tape wholesale, it designed to work seamlessly with masking paper.Available in various widths to match masking paper dimensions. Strong adhesive quality for secure hold, yet easy and clean removal without leaving residue.

automotive self adhesive masking paper

Technical Data Sheet


Prodcut Name Paint masking paper
Prodcut Material Paper+masking tape
Application Spray paint masking
Viscosity High viscosity
Color Yellow tape + kraft paper, green tape + kraft paper
Thickness 35g/m²
Width 15/20/30/45/60/75cm
Core material Paper
Packing Cardboard boxes





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Some frequently asked questions we receive about any tapes.
Can pre taped masking paper be used for different types of paints, such as latex and oil-based paints?

Yes, paint masking paper is compatible with all types of paint, including latex and oil-based paints.


Is there adhesive on the back of masking paper for painting?

Coating masking paper comes in two types: adhesive and non-adhesive. The masking paper on the back of the adhesive can stick to the surface, making it easier to apply.

Is paint masking paper recyclable?

Many types of paint masking paper are recyclable, making them an environmentally friendly choice for protecting surfaces during the painting process.

What is the size of the car paint masking paper cover roll?

Paint cover rolls come in a variety of sizes, 12 inches wide, 18 inches wide, 24 inches wide, and different lengths.


Can masking paper for auto painting be used for outdoor painting projects?

Some paint masking papers are suitable for outdoor use, but it is necessary to check the product specifications to ensure that it meets your specific outdoor project requirements.

Is pre taped masking paper resistant to paints and solvents?

Yes, pre taped masking paper is designed to resist the penetration of paint and solvents, helping to prevent water seepage and damage to protected surfaces.

What is the use of masking paper for painting?

masking paper for painting is used to cover and protect surfaces, such as walls, floors and furniture, during painting and other completion tasks.

Can paint masking paper be used outdoors

Yes, there are masking paper for painting designed for outdoor use. These papers are often more durable and resistant to weather conditions.

How do you mask before painting?

1 - Cover furniture with a masking film. ... 2 - Cover switches with masking tape. ... 3 - Mask windows and doors. ... 4 - Cover floor boards and floor with pre-taped masking paper. ... 5 - Cover part of the ceiling (optional)

What is paint masking paper used for in painting?

However, a must-have on any painting project is masking paper. Whether you're painting trim, creating a mask template or need general purpose surface protection, our masking paper offers

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