The Ultimate Guide to Custom Kraft Tape

  • 2024-01-12
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As a packaging and shipping professional, you have probably heard of the term custom kraft tape, also known as

custom printed kraft tape. This is a popular type of packaging tape, appreciated for its environmental friendliness

and various applications. This guide covers everything about custom kraft tape. It includes its purpose, application

techniques, environmental impact, and where to buy it.

What is Custom Kraft Tape?

Let's start with the basics: What is OPALUS PACK custom kraft tape? Custom kraft tape refers to a packaging tape

designed using kraft paper, a strong and recyclable paper material, well known for its strength. Custom kraft tape,

including custom printed paper tape and personalized paper tape, is different because it can be branded with your

own design, logo, or message. This makes it a great choice to brand your packages while securing them at the same time.

Using Water-Activated Tape

A Guide To Using Water-Activated Tape

The activation method is one of the key features of custom kraft paper tape. A frequently asked question is how to use

OPALUS PACK water activated tape custom designs. Unlike regular adhesive tape, wet adhesive tape, such as brown

gummed paper packing tape, needs moisture to adhere firmly to cartons and boxes. Here's a step-by-step guide on

how to apply water-activated tape effectively:

  • Make life easier by using a custom printed water activated tape dispenser, or simply moisten the tape with a wet

       sponge or brush.

  • Stick the moistened tape firmly onto the package to make a good seal.
  • The tape will adhere well as it dries, ensuring tamper-evidence.

custom kraft tape

Water-Activated Tape Without a Dispenser

Have you ever wondered how to use custom water activated packaging tape without a dispenser? In fact, many

businesses adopt this way. 

To apply moisture with a sponge or brush instead of a dispenser, repeat the steps above. It might take a little getting

used to it, but soon enough you would have a professional result.

Water-Activated Tape and Environmental Benefits

Custom kraft tape is also noteworthy for its eco-friendliness. Is custom water activated packing tape environment-friendly?

Yes, it is. Unlike regular plastic tape, kraft paper tape is biodegradable and recyclable. A great option if businesses want to

decrease their impact on the environment but still preserve the integrity of their packaging.

custom printed kraft tape

Is Water-Activated Tape Recyclable?

Yes, OPALUS PACK water activated tape manufacturers ensure that this tape can be recycled. It has kraft paper components

that are easily recyclable with cardboard boxes and other types of paper materials. This makes it a viable option for enterprises

looking for ways to reduce waste.

Where to Purchase Custom Kraft Tape

At this point, you may be interested to know and ask where to get custom gum tape, custom gummed paper tape, or custom

gummed tape. You have several options:

  • Online Retailers: Many online stores provide custom printed gum tape and custom printed gummed paper tape available

       in a wide array of customization options.

  • Packaging Suppliers: Custom kraft tape is usually available at local packaging suppliers.
  • Manufacturers: Consider contacting the producers of water-activated tape for wholesale orders and customization.

custom kraft paper tape

Customization Options

Custom Printed Kraft Tape

Custom kraft tape is based on customization. You can choose kraft packaging tape that is decorated by your company

logo, personalized message, or brand colors. This not only increases the visibility of your brand but also gives that professional

look to your packages.

Personalized Paper Tape

Want to go beyond logos? Explore OPALUS PACK personalized paper tape options. You can add individual patterns, art, or

even special messages to make your packing utterly uniquely yours.

Custom Kraft Tape Manufacturers

For those interested in looking into custom kraft tape packages, it’s necessary to consider water-activated tape producers.

These companies are specialists in the manufacturing of high-quality custom kraft tape and can often supply you with special

solutions to cater for your packaging needs.