Custom Printed Packing Tape & Logo Printing Tape Manufacturers

Custom Printed Packing Tape & Logo Printing Tape Manufacturers

Explore top-quality custom printed packing tape solutions for your brand. Our range includes custom packing tape with logos, personalized name tapes, and more from leading printing tape manufacturers. Enhance your packaging with our durable, eye-catching custom tape options, tailored to your brand's unique identity.

Hot sell size:48MM X 100/130/1000METERS

What are the benefits of using custom printed packing tape?

Custom packing tape with logo isn't merely a utilitarian object; it's a canvas for brand articulation. By customizing this seemingly mundane material, one transforms mere packaging into a sophisticated brand ambassador. Such custom name tapes doubles as a tamper-evident mechanism, enhancing security perceptibly. Furthermore, custom tape with logo is a vehicle for critical information dissemination, ranging from handling directives to promotional narratives, thereby fostering enhanced customer engagement and communication.

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Esoteric Elegance

Whether it's the bespoke elegance of packing tape wholesale emblazoned with your corporate insignia or the personalized flair of a tape bearing your name, each roll is a testament to uniqueness. Delve into the realm of this tape, alongside its cousin, clear bopp tape, both crafted from materials of the highest acrylic adhesive, durability echoing the endurance of time itself.

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Multifaceted Utility

Businesses, in their quest for brand omnipresence, can harness these tapes as a medium to etch their logos into the minds of consumers. Meanwhile, individuals seeking a touch of personalization, custom printed paper tape can transform mundane gift-wrapping or everyday items into expressions of their unique identity. 


Tape Specifications

In our quest to cater to the diverse tapestry of packaging needs, we present an array of custom tapes, each varying in width, length, and thickness. Such as 45mm, 48mm, 72mm width and 50m,130yard,1000m length and so on.

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Technical Data Sheet



Water based acrylic
Thickness(micron) 35mic-60mic (total)
Carrier/Backing Biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film
Length 10-1000m or yards
Width(mm) 12mm-72mm
Core 3" diameter
Film printed logo 110°C/230°F
Color Maximum three colours
Packaging quantity Normal carton packing with 36 or 72 rolls

ISO 9001:2008, SGS Test


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Our industry applications

Your brands' needs - secured and filled to your specifications

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Some frequently asked questions we receive about any tapes.
Can we get some samples? Free or any charges?

Yes, you can get free sample if we have in stock.
If the sample needs to be customized, it should be paid for the sample

How can we get a quote?

We will offer you the best quote after we get the product specifications such as material, size, color,quantity,etc.

What format design file you want for printing?

It will be the best if you can supply your artwork as PDF or Al,CDR format file However if this is not possible,our in-house designer can make the artwork.

Can you help with the design?

Sure,we have professional designers to offer the design service.

What about the lead time for the sample and big order?

1-2 days if we have sample in stock, 3-5 days for the new sample, 8-15 days for the big order.

What shipping method can i choose? How about the shipping time?

For small order, by express like DHL,UPS,TNT FedEx etc, about 3-7days For big order, by air about 7-12 days, by sea about 15-35 days

What practical advantages does custom water-activated packing tape offer in terms of application and sealing?

Custom water-activated packing tape provides a reliable and efficient sealing solution, ensuring packages are securely closed during transit while allowing for easy application.

How does custom water-activated packaging tape contribute to a professional and polished appearance?

Custom water-activated packaging tape not only ensures a secure seal but also adds a professional touch, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the shipped packages.

How does custom printing on water-activated tape benefit businesses in terms of security?

Custom printed water-activated tape adds an extra layer of security by displaying unique identifiers or branding, making tampering more easily detectable.

What distinguishes brown gummed paper packing tape from other packing tape varieties?

Brown gummed paper packing tape, also known as water-activated tape, offers a strong and adhesive seal, ensuring secure packaging for shipments.

What makes water-activated tape with custom features stand out in the packaging industry?

Water-activated tape, when customized, provides a secure seal for packages, and the activation process enhances tamper-evident features.

In what scenarios is custom kraft tape a preferred choice for packaging?

Custom kraft tape is often favored for its versatility, strength, and ability to convey a rustic, natural look that suits various product types.

How does custom kraft paper tape contribute to sustainable packaging practices?

Custom kraft paper tape is an eco-friendly option, made from natural fibers, and can be recycled, promoting environmentally conscious packaging.

What is the primary advantage of using custom printed kraft tape?

Custom printed kraft tape combines the strength of kraft paper with personalized branding, offering a durable and eco-friendly packaging solution.

How does custom printed paper tape enhance branding efforts?

Custom printed paper tape allows businesses to showcase their logos and graphics on packaging, reinforcing brand recognition during shipping.

What sets personalized paper tape apart from regular packaging tape?

Personalized paper tape is customized with unique designs, logos, or messages to reflect individual preferences or brand identity.

Can water-activated gum tape's adhesion be compared to that of modern adhesives?

Water-activated gum tape, in its humble composition, challenges the zenith of modern adhesives, proving that sometimes, in simplicity, there lies unmatched efficacy.


What are the specific benefits of water-activated fiberglass tape in heavy-duty packaging?

Water-activated fiberglass tape, with its sinewy fibers, bestows upon parcels Herculean strength, rendering them impervious to the trials of transport.


Discuss the ecological implications of using water-activated brown paper tape.

Water-activated brown paper tape not only serves as a sentinel of package integrity but also as a herald of ecological stewardship, its very composition a paean to sustainability.

How does the water-activated adhesive tape fare against temperature variations?

Much like a steadfast knight braving the elements, water-activated adhesive tape exhibits remarkable fortitude, its adhesive bond unyielding in the face of thermal caprice.

In what scenarios is reinforced water-activated tape most advantageous?

In the theatre of shipping, where the specter of damage looms large, reinforced water-activated tape steps forth as a paragon of resilience, fortifying parcels against the vicissitudes of transit.

What are the merits of using paper packing tape that's water-activated over synthetic alternatives?

Paper packing tape, activated by the simplest of elements—water—reclaims the narrative of packaging from synthetic usurpers, offering a tapestry of strength and environmental harmony.


Could you elucidate the advantages of water-activated tape’s adhesive properties?

The adhesive prowess of water-activated tape is akin to an alchemical bond, where mere water transforms this tape into an indomitable seal, mocking the feeble attempts of standard tapes.

What role does the color brown play in the functionality of water-activated tape?

Beyond mere aesthetic, the color brown whispers tales of practicality and discretion, cloaking packages in an unassuming guise, thereby deterring the covetous gaze of potential pilferers.

How does brown water-activated paper tape contribute to environmental sustainability?

The quintessence of brown water-activated paper tape lies in its biodegradable nature, presenting an eco-friendly bastion in the face of relentless plastic encroachment, a true green knight in the packaging realm.

What distinguishes reinforced kraft paper tape from its non-reinforced counterparts in the context of packaging integrity?

Reinforced kraft paper tape, with its embedded fiberglass strands, not only ensures an aesthetic seal but also introduces a bastion of strength, thwarting any attempt at breach with aristocratic disdain.

Why would one opt for double back carpet tape over other types?

Double back carpet tape is specifically designed for those seeking an extra layer of stability and strength in their carpet installations. Its unique construction provides an additional support layer, making it an excellent choice for areas where carpet movement is a concern, thus ensuring both aesthetic and functional superiority.

What is the significance of the strongest double-sided carpet tape in the market?

The strongest double-sided carpet tape in the market offers unmatched adhesive power, capable of holding carpets in place under almost any condition. It is especially valuable in commercial or outdoor settings, where environmental factors and heavy use demand the highest level of adhesive performance.

How does strong double-sided carpet tape enhance carpet installation?

Strong double-sided carpet tape ensures a secure and durable bond between the carpet and floor, significantly reducing the likelihood of repositioning or lifting. This strength is crucial for maintaining the carpet's position and appearance over time, even in high-use areas.

What distinguishes heavy-duty double-sided carpet tape?

Heavy-duty double-sided carpet tape is characterized by its superior adhesive strength and resilience, designed to withstand significant stress and wear. It's particularly suited for commercial settings or areas with high foot traffic, offering a long-lasting and reliable flooring solution.

How does double-sided sticky tape for carpets benefit heavy traffic areas?

In areas subjected to heavy foot traffic, double-sided sticky tape for carpets ensures that rugs and mats remain firmly in place, resisting the constant pressure and movement. This contributes to both the safety and maintenance of the carpet, preventing curling edges and slips.

What advantages does double-sided cloth carpet tape offer over traditional tapes?

Double-sided cloth carpet tape offers enhanced durability and flexibility, making it highly effective for securing carpets on uneven surfaces. Its cloth backing allows for a certain degree of 'give', accommodating slight shifts and movements without losing grip, thereby prolonging the lifespan of the carpet installation.

What makes double-sided adhesive carpet tape a preferred choice for flooring solutions?

The preference for double-sided adhesive carpet tape lies in its exceptional strength and versatility. It adheres to a variety of surfaces, including tile, hardwood, and laminate, without leaving residue or damaging the flooring, making it an ideal solution for both temporary and permanent carpet installations.

Can you explain the utility of double-sided carpet tape in home décor?

Double-sided carpet tape plays a pivotal role in home décor by allowing for the precise placement and secure fastening of carpets and area rugs. This ensures that the design and layout of a room are enhanced without the worry of the carpets moving or bunching, thus maintaining the aesthetic integrity and safety of the living space.

How does double-sided adhesive tape for carpets differentiate from regular tape?

Unlike its single-sided counterpart, double-sided adhesive tape for carpets features adhesive on both sides, tailored specifically for carpet installation. This design allows for a robust, invisible hold, facilitating a neat and efficient attachment without the need for visible fixings or fasteners.

What is the primary purpose of carpet tape that is double-sided?

Double-sided carpet tape is ingeniously designed to securely anchor carpets and rugs to the floor, ensuring they stay put without slipping, thus mitigating the risk of trips and falls. Its dual adhesive surfaces provide a formidable bond between the floor and the carpet, offering a seamless and stable installation.

What future advancements do you anticipate in the field of PET strapping materials?

The future of PET strapping materials lies in the innovation of even more environmentally friendly and resilient solutions, potentially incorporating biodegradable elements and smart technologies for tracking and tension monitoring.

In what scenarios would 3/4 inch polyester strapping be preferable?

3/4 inch polyester strapping is the preferred option when dealing with heavier, more substantial loads, as it provides increased strength and security, mitigating the risk of damage during transit.

How does the 1/2 inch polyester strapping fare against wider options?

The 1/2 inch polyester strapping, while narrower, offers a cost-effective solution with adequate strength for lighter loads, making it a judicious choice for specific applications.

What are the nuances of selecting a polyester strapping band?

Selecting a polyester strapping band requires an appreciation for the specific demands of the task at hand, including load weight, environmental considerations, and the need for tension retention.

Could you compare the efficacy of polyester banding straps with other materials?

Polyester banding straps, with their superior tensile strength and minimal stretch, outperform many alternatives, offering both security and efficiency in a wide array of applications.

Is there a marked difference between PET strapping rolls and bands, or is it merely a semantic divergence?

The distinction, though subtle, often lies in the application and dimensions, with 'roll' referring to the form in which the material is supplied, and 'band' to its use in securing loads. However, the terms are frequently used interchangeably.

How does the PET strapping band differentiate itself in the packaging industry?

The PET strapping band distinguishes itself through its impressive load stability and resistance to environmental degradation, making it an indispensable ally in the logistics sector.

What attributes should one look for in a PET strap roll?

One should seek a PET strap roll that boasts a harmonious balance between tensile strength and elasticity, thereby ensuring it can accommodate the vicissitudes of transport with grace.

Could you elucidate the advantages of sourcing from a dedicated PET strap manufacturer?

Indeed, a manufacturer specialized in PET strapping brings to the table unparalleled expertise, ensuring that each strap is a paragon of strength and reliability, thereby epitomizing the zenith of packaging solutions.

What distinguishes green PET straps from their contemporaries in the realm of packaging materials

The green PET strap, a marvel in the sustainability arena, outshines its peers by virtue of its recyclability and durability, addressing both environmental concerns and the exigencies of securing goods with aplomb.

What role does harness cloth tape play in the automotive repair toolkit?

Harness cloth tape is indispensable for repairs, offering a reliable solution for bundling wires, providing thermal insulation, and protecting against vibrations, ensuring the vehicle's wiring remains in pristine condition.

Why is fleece wire harness tape becoming increasingly popular in the automotive industry?

Fleece tape is celebrated for its exceptional noise dampening properties and soft texture, making it the go-to choice for luxury vehicles where silent operation is paramount.

What attributes make fabric harness tape a preferred choice in automotive applications?

Its fabric composition allows for excellent flexibility and abrasion resistance, facilitating easier application and enhanced protection in tight spaces and along sharp edges where wires are most vulnerable.

What's the significance of electrical tape for wiring harness applications?

The right electrical tape for wiring harnesses ensures electrical insulation and protection against physical damage, crucial for maintaining the integrity and longevity of automotive electrical systems.

Why Choose Opalus Packaging?

  • Commitment to quality
    We take pride in delivering products and services that meet and exceed our customers' expectations. 
  • Focus on sustainability
    We believe that responsible business practices are not only the right thing to do, but the smart thing to do in the long run.
  • Customer-centric approach
    We know that by putting our customers first, we can build strong and lasting relationships that benefit both parties.

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