45mm and 48mm Width BOPP Packing Tape Wholesale

45mm and 48mm Width BOPP Packing Tape Wholesale

Discover top-grade 45mm and 48mm width BOPP packing tape at wholesale prices. We offer a wide range of heavy-duty, clear packing tapes in bulk. Get the best deals now!

Hot sell size:48MM X 100/130/1000METERS

Is wholesale 45mm width bopp packing tape strong? 

Clear packing tape bulk indeed stands as a paragon of strength and resilience, making it an exceptionally reliable ally in the diverse world of packaging. When you delve into the realm of this tape, it's prudent to consider the 45mm width BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) variant. 

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The quintessence of China's heavy-duty packing tape and its standard counterpart manifests as a paradigm of adhesive excellence and durability. Particularly, the heavy-duty variant is engineered for more arduous tasks, boasting augmented strength and resilience, a testament to its design ingenuity.

packing tape wholesale
wholesale packing tape

Excellent tensile properties

Packing tape suppliers offer a variety of durable tapes, including the standout 45mm BOPP packing tape, vital for secure packaging. Additionally, personalized paper tape provides an eco-friendly, customizable option, merging packaging strength with brand enhancement in a seamless, innovative way.


Meet any requirements

Our wholesale packing tape, not merely a tool for securing packages, transcends into a medium of brand amplification, courtesy of the custom packing tape with logo. A cornucopia of choices awaits you, from the quintessential brown tape, a nod to traditionalism, to our meticulously crafted 'fragile' tape, a harbinger of delicacy and care for your most tender items.  

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Technical Data Sheet



Water based acrylic
Thickness(micron) 35mic-60mic (total)
Carrier/Backing Biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film
Length 10-1000m or yards
Width(mm) 12mm-72mm
Core 3" diameter
Film printed logo 110°C/230°F
Color Maximum three colours
Packaging quantity Normal carton packing with 36 or 72 rolls

ISO 9001:2008, SGS Test


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Some frequently asked questions we receive about any tapes.
How can I get wholesale prices for packing tape in China?

To get wholesale prices for packing tape in China, you can reach out to packaging material wholesalers, negotiate bulk orders, or inquire about discounts for larger quantities.

How can I buy clear packing tape for my packaging needs?

In the multifaceted world of packaging, one encounters the quintessential element of clear packing tape – a mundane yet indispensable tool. This adhesive marvel, often overlooked, can be procured from a plethora of sources: the ubiquitous office supply emporiums, the bastions of utility known as hardware stores, or the vast digital marketplace, each offering their own unique tableau of options. The tape, emblematic of both function and simplicity, stands as a testament to the beauty inherent in the ordinary. Engaging in the act of securing packages, one embarks on a journey through the tapestry of everyday life, each strip of tape a metaphor for the connections we seek to preserve and protect in our quotidian existence.

Can I order clear packing tape in bulk quantities?

Yes, you can order clear packing tape in bulk quantities from packaging material wholesalers or suppliers who offer bulk purchasing options.

Are there any discounts available for clear packing tape wholesale orders?

When delving into the intricacies of bulk procurement, particularly in the realm of clear packing tape, one must not overlook the potential fiscal advantages inherent in volume transactions. It is prudent to engage in discourse with suppliers regarding the possibility of obtaining a decrement in monetary exchange for substantial acquisitions. This practice, while seemingly mundane, harbors an undercurrent of economic sagacity, marrying the utilitarian with the financially astute. Thus, when orchestrating a purchase of grand scale, an inquiry into bulk discount offerings transcends mere prudence; it becomes an exercise in strategic procurement and fiscal acumen.

Where can I find wholesale clear tape suppliers?

You can find wholesale clear tape suppliers by searching online directories, attending trade shows, or contacting packaging material wholesalers.Foshan Opalus Adhesive Product Co.,Ltd is a trusted supplier


What is the methodology for acquiring 48mm width clear BOPP tape at a competitive wholesale price?

To embark on the quest of procuring 48mm width clear BOPP tape at a price that doesn't wreak havoc on your fiscal resources, one must navigate the labyrinthine world of suppliers. The savvy purchaser will engage in a comparative analysis of quotations, artfully negotiate terms that border on the Sisyphean, and ponder the economies of scale that come with bulk acquisitions. This tactical approach not only ensures a shrewd investment but also an adventure in the intricate dance of commerce.

Is packaging tape custom reusable?

BOPP plastic film is reusable and recyclable. It can actually be recycled many times while retaining its value.

What is the difference between packing tape and heavy duty packaging tape?

They might look similar, but heavy duty packaging tape and packing tape are not the same. Packing tape is lighter and thinner, as it is only meant to tape up boxes that aren't too heavy. Heavy duty packaging tape can withstand plenty of handling, but may not stand up to the rigors of long-term storage.

What are the defects of adhesive tape for packaging?

BOPP adhesive tape for packaging testing procedure the tape shall be free from defect such as gapping, peaking, delimitation, feathering, flaking of print, curing, telescoping and brittleness when cut. 

What is Bopp tape used for?

BOPP adhesive packaging tape are the most commonly used packaging tape that has excellent optical and mechanical properties with ample room for customization. BOPP adhesive packaging tape are used in various applications labeling and lamination, comprising packaging, automation industries, industry packaging, food packaging.

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