How about EPDM Double Sided Tape? Which Fields can it be Applied in?

  • 2023-11-27
  • admin

How about EPDM gasket tape?

1. It has corrosion resistance

EPDM glazing tape has the characteristics of ozone resistance and corrosion resistance, with relatively good insulation, and can be used in high temperature or cold environments.

2. With the effect of sound insulation

EPDM double sided tape has a certain degree of sound insulation and absorption function, which can buffer and shockproof the bonding area.

3. It has flame retardant

EPDM tape for windows also has the flame retardancy, making it safe to use and suitable for flammable operating environments.


Which fields can EPDM double sided tape be applied in?

1. EPDM double sided tape can be applied in industries such as construction and decoration.

2. EPDM double sided tape can also be used in occasions such as automotive air conditioning and has good high-temperature resistance in environments ranging from -40 ° to 150 °.

3. EPDM double sided tape can also be applied in high-precision manufacturing industries such as aviation and electronics, suitable for use occasions with low environmental conditions


In summary, EPDM double sided tape is a type of tape with a wide range of application occasions, which has good sound insulation, heat resistance, flame retardancy, insulation and shock resistance characteristics. It is an indispensable helper for us in many fields.