Acrylic Adhesive Tape - Premier Manufacturers

Acrylic Adhesive Tape - Premier Manufacturers

Explore the leading manufacturer of acrylic foam double sided tape. Discover high-quality options for your bonding and sealing needs.

SIZE:24MM X 30M/48MM X 20M/48MM X 40M

What is double sided acrylic foam tapes?

Acrylic foam double sided tape is a specialized type of adhesive tape that features high performance and comprises of acrylic, known for its strength, longevity, and also adaptability. This tape from acrylic adhesive tape manufacturers is a viscoelastic acrylic foam clock between two layers of an adhesive made from an acrylic. 
Automotive Industry: In place of the mechanical fasteners, which are used for attaching exterior trim, emblems and other parts thus reducing weight as well as improving aesthetics.
Construction and Home Improvement: It is perfect for adorning decorative items, signs, and panels so that there are no visible fasteners.
Electronics: To be used in assembling electronic devices to attach the screens, panels and other components providing a smooth permanent joint.
General Industrial Applications: Used to bond components in the numerous sectors that need a solid, stable connection.
For many applications with the need for a high level of strength, durability and also clean professional appearance clear acrylic double sided tape is often used as go-to solution.

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Leading Acrylic Adhesive Tape Manufacturers

Our acrylic adhesive tape manufacturing network focuses on the high-quality tapes in various applications. They are known to have high strength, longevity and environmental condition elements which help make them both in the industrial application as well as consumer use.

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Acrylic Foam Tape Company: Innovation and Quality

Acrylic tape manufacturers do try to provide new adhesive products such as epdm foam tape that have better bonding strength and also flexibility. These products are designed for the applications that need reliability and performance, used in the automotive electronics as well as construction.

Trusted Acrylic Foam Tape Suppliers

Acrylic foam tape manufacturers supply acrylic foam adhesive tape as trusted partners and present a complete spectrum of products, including acrylic foam adhesive tape solutions and automotive adhesive foam tape to fit into diverse markets. Our tapes are known for their super adhesion, flexibility and also long term performance on all kind of surfaces operating under different environmental conditions.

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Technical Data Sheet


Tape Composition Solid acrylic foam core with adhesive on both sides
Bonding Strength Exceptional bonding strength on various substrates
Temperature Resistance Maintains bond integrity in extreme temperatures
Weather Resistance Resistant to UV radiation, moisture, and humidity
Durability Long-term reliability with resistance to aging
Application Versatility Suitable for a wide range of substrates and industries
Thickness Options Available in various thicknesses for different needs
Customization Options Specialized versions for high-temperature or conformability requirements
Aesthetic Benefits Provides clean, invisible bonds for a seamless finish
Environmental Considerations


Solvent-free and environmentally friendly



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Some frequently asked questions we receive about any tapes.
What is the ethos behind an acrylic foam tape company’s product development?

An acrylic foam tape company's product development is driven by the pursuit of creating high-performance, durable adhesive solutions that address the critical needs of bonding and assembly in cutting-edge industries, with a keen eye on sustainability and efficiency.

How do acrylic adhesive tape manufacturers innovate in the field?

Innovation in acrylic adhesive tape manufacturing focuses on developing formulations with improved environmental resistance, higher temperature thresholds, and tailored adhesion properties to meet evolving industrial demands.

What sets red liner double sided tape apart in the market?

Its distinctive red liner signifies an enhanced adhesive formulation capable of bonding to a wide range of surfaces, including those with low surface energy, making it versatile across multiple industries.

Can you explain the significance of the red line on double sided tape?

The red line on double sided tape acts as a visual cue for alignment and peel initiation, streamlining the application process in fast-paced manufacturing settings, ensuring precision and efficiency.

Why is the double sided tape with red backing preferred in certain applications?

The red backing not only provides ease of identification and application but also signifies a higher grade of adhesive quality, often preferred for more demanding applications that require a distinct bond integrity.

What advantages does double sided tape acrylic offer over traditional adhesives?

Its instantaneous bond strength, coupled with ease of application and removal, positions double sided tape acrylic as a go-to solution, eliminating the need for curing time and reducing labor costs.

How do double sided acrylic foam tapes differ in composition?

The differentiation lies in their core acrylic foam composition, tailored for specific adhesion, density, and thickness requirements, catering to varied stress distribution and environmental resilience needs.

What are the primary applications of double sided acrylic foam tape?

Double sided acrylic foam tape finds its niche in automotive, electronics, and construction industries, serving as an invisible fastener that replaces mechanical fixings for sleeker design and improved structural integrity.

How does clear acrylic double sided tape maintain its transparency over time?

The clear acrylic double sided tape employs a unique blend of polymers that resist yellowing under UV exposure, ensuring that its transparency is preserved, an essential attribute for aesthetically sensitive applications.

What distinguishes acrylic foam double sided tape from its counterparts?

Acrylic foam double sided tape is a marvel of adhesive technology, offering unparalleled bonding strength due to its viscoelastic properties. Its ability to dissipate stress across the bond line makes it superior for applications requiring thermal expansion tolerance.

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