Expert Manufacturer of Auto Double-Sided Foam Tape

Expert Manufacturer of Auto Double-Sided Foam Tape

Ideal for mounting and various applications, our bulk tapes offer superior adhesion, durability, and reliability in all automotive environments.

SIZE:0.6/1.5/5CM X 30M X 1MM

How long does automotive double sided foam tape last?

Among the main factors influencing double sided automotive foam tape life span, its density is a major factor that can determine lifespan. The higher density foam is alot more compress-resistant than the lower one and also has a longer life. However, even a low density foam can still provide the satisfactory protection for many years if it is used and stored correctly.
Another very important aspect that can influence the double sided foam mounting tape automotive durability is the application in which it is used. For instance, automotive adhesive foam tape applied in the packaging would undergo more handling and shipping compared to the packs used for construction. But double sided foam tape automotive can also offer a long-term solution as a reliable protection in the demanding use.

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automotive double sided tape black
Heavy Duty Automotive Double Sided Tape

An automotive double sided tape black is capable of providing unmatched strength for the mounting and bonding purposes. Its black color provides a discreet and professional finish that allows for the mounting of external components and trimmings with great lasting stability.

automotive adhesive foam tape
automotive foam gasket tape
Automotive Foam Adhesive Solutions

If the relevant material is high performance automotive adhesive foam tape or even double sided epdm tape, we can provide outstanding sealing and cushioning properties. These tapes are ideal for developing water repellent seals and also reducing vibrations that make the car safer as well as more comfortable. Auto foam tapes are the first ones to be sought after by the professionals who want high-quality automotive foam products.

High Performance Automotive Acrylic Foam Tape

This foam masking tape automotive is designed for the most important bonding applications. Superior grip and flexibility makes it is very applicable to several automotive applications such as foam masking tape and acrylic foam adhesive tape during paint or seal tapes for auto gaps & joints ensuring proper airtightness and weather proof insulation.

automotive foam seal tape

Technical Data Sheet


Prodcut Name PE foam tape
Prodcut Material PE+foam base material
Glue system Hot melt glue/Acrylic glue
Viscosity High viscosity
Color Red/green/blue
Thickness 1mm/2mm/3mm
Initial tack ≤8
Core material Paper
Adhesion(Kg/25mm) ≥1.6
Withstand temperature range -20-80℃


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Some frequently asked questions we receive about any tapes.
How should I prepare the surface before applying double sided automotive tape?

To ensure good adhesion, surfaces should be clean, dry, and free of dust, oil, and debris. Proper surface preparation is essential for the tape to perform optimally.

Can PE foam tape be used for sound insulation purposes?

Yes, PE foam tape's cushioning properties make it effective for sound insulation and vibration damping in various applications.

Is tape from double sided foam tape manufacturers removable without leaving residue?

Many PE foam tapes are designed to be removable without leaving a sticky residue behind, but this can vary depending on the specific adhesive used.

Can double side tape be customized in terms of thickness and width?

Yes, it is available in various thicknesses and widths to accommodate different application needs.

Is double sided foam tape resistant to temperature extremes?

It can be designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures, from extremely cold to high heat, making it suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

What types of adhesive are used in China double sided pe foam tape?

It can have different types of adhesives, such as acrylic, rubber, or solvent-based adhesives, depending on the application requirements.

How does China strong double sided foam tape adhere to surfaces?

It has adhesive on both sides, which allows it to adhere to a wide range of surfaces, including metal, plastic, glass, and wood.

Where is China polyethylene foam tape commonly used?

It is used in industries such as automotive, construction, electronics, and packaging. It's used for mounting, insulation, gasketing, and sealing.

What are the advantages of using double sided adhesive tape?

It offers excellent cushioning, flexibility, and conformability. It also provides good insulation, resistance to moisture, and is easy to work with.

What is China PE foam tape?

PE foam tape is a type of double-sided adhesive tape made from polyethylene foam. It is used for various bonding and sealing applications.

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