Leading Flagging Tape Manufacturers | Bulk & Personalized Flagging Tape

Leading Flagging Tape Manufacturers | Bulk & Personalized Flagging Tape

Explore top-quality flagging tape from a premier adhesive tape manufacturer. Offering a wide range of options including bulk flagging tape, colored flagging tape, and personalized solutions. Buy directly from the source for durable, reliable flagging tape tailored to meet your professional needs.


         25MM X 50M

         48MM X 50M 

What is flagging tape for?

Flag tape is a multipurpose tool. It’s easily recognizable, being made of colorful plastic. This is why it serves many purposes as for instance surveying, hiking, hunting and building.
Red flagging tape is also used for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts to denote trails and paths. This makes it possible for them to return back where they began and show others who are on the same path. The tape is a vibrant color and has high visibility even in times of poor illumination.

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Durable Bulk Flagging Tape for Every Occasion

Discover our bulk flagging tape for big projects. These buy flagging tape are made for durable-ness and good view, in several color choices to serve any marking need. Our survey flagging tape being ideal for construction, surveying or forestry are a cost-saving alternative for professionals.

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The Personalized Flagging Tape for Customizable Design

Customize your flagging tape and be distinctive with ours. For either corporate branding or easy identification, our custom flagging tape offers unique colors and printing. With these products made with quality materials, your mark is clearly visible and remembered.

Clear Visibility Vibrant Colored Flagging Tape

Our colored flagging tape has great visibility as well as adaptability. These survey tape come in a wide range of brilliant colors which are best for marking different items safely and effectively in several locations. Our tapes, which are sourced from reputable flagging tape manufacturers in the market today will give you quality of a high visibility level for any application.

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Technical Data Sheet


Base material PVC
Glue system Without glue
Stickiness None
Thickness 0.090mm
Tensile properties 200%
Shape Roll
Temperature resistance range Normal temperature
Packing quantity Normal carton packing with 100 rolls
Certificate ISO 9001:2008, SGS Test
Color and printing


Solid color, stripes, spots and other printing patterns are available



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Our industry applications

Your brands' needs - secured and filled to your specifications

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Some frequently asked questions we receive about any tapes.
Could you translate these flagging tape terminologies into layman's terms?

Converting these terms into more colloquial language, we discuss various colored tapes used for marking specific areas or items, each color with its unique purpose and context.


What considerations should one weigh before buying flagging tape?

Prior to acquisition, ponder over durability, color significance, and environmental impact. The survey tape's purpose should guide its selection.

What are the benefits of purchasing flagging tape in bulk?

Flagging tape manufacturers, a pragmatic approach, cater to extensive projects, ensuring a steady supply while often being cost-effective.


Black flagging tape, a rare but poignant choice, often denotes areas of environmental sensitivity or restricted access, a visual whisper in the tape lexicon.


What signifies the choice between 2-inch and 3-inch flagging tape?

The width of the tape, from 2 to 3 inches, hinges on visibility requirements. The broader the tape, the more conspicuous it is from a distance.

Could you elucidate the choice of pink flagging tape in certain scenarios?

Pink flagging tape, often undervalued, shines in its visibility against natural backdrops, an ideal choice for geological and wildlife studies.


Why is blue flagging tape recurrent in various contexts?

Blue flagging tape’s recurrence is not accidental; it’s a testament to its versatility, marking everything from hiking trails to police investigation scenes.

Is there a demand for bespoke flagging tape designs?

Survey flagging tapes are indeed a niche yet burgeoning field, reflecting a blend of functional marking and aesthetic personalization.

How does orange flagging tape contrast with its colorful counterparts?

The orange variant, a vivid manifestation of caution, predominantly adorns construction zones, a visual herald of potential hazards.

What distinguishes blue flagging tape in its utility?

The colored flagging tape! It’s not merely a vibrant hue but a symbol of standard marking in surveying realms, often signaling legal boundary lines with its eye-catching color.


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