Eco-Friendly Bulk Biodegradable Tape - Packing Solutions

Eco-Friendly Bulk Biodegradable Tape - Packing Solutions

Discover our bulk biodegradable packing tape that keeps your parcels secure & the planet safe. Switch now & join the eco-revolution!


Is biodegradable tape recyclable?

Including biodegradable packing tape, such as cellulose tape, biodegradable is not only environmentally friendly but also recycled! These tapes, such as washi tape which is made from plant-based materials and hence decomposes naturally without causing any harm to the ecosystem. And once you’re done with them just toss them in the bin with your recycling.
The main raw materials of regenerated cellulose film used in the biodegradable material which is known as ‘cellulose tape’, are cotton pulp and wood pulp that have been through various special processes. Extra, a safe water-based pressure sensitive adhesive such as the one that is used in biodegradable adhesive tape consists of butyl acrylate and water which makes it very environmentally friendly. When the biodegradable document is buried in the soil, it will degrade within 77-180 days.
Thus, whether you are shipping a package or wrapping up some presents then choosing biodegradable clear tape like biodegradable duct tape of the biodegradable washi is the smarter option It is not only as strong and durable than the standard tape, but it can be recycled which means that you also win-win for both you and the environment.

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Eco-Friendly Packaging Solutions

Our biodegradable packaging tape and packing tape wholesale are very good fit for the companies and also people who want to use environment-friendly materials. As a tape made of renewable source materials, it is an adhesive that provides secure packaging with the ecologically responsible footprints. Perfect for use in the shipping, wrapping and parcels.

biodegradable packaging tape
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Sustainable Shipping Made Simple

Check out our selection of biodegradable shipping tape and filament tape wholesale that are made for the environmentally conscious user. These tapes, such as cellulose and cellophane variants, create a long-lasting and secure closure on the parcels and packages while also being eco friendly.


Green Sticky Solutions

Browse our range of biodegradable sticky tape, which is available in cello and wrapping tapes. Evoked to have the strength and wit, these tapes are biodegradable without any residues. They are great options for the consumers seeking green packaging, crafting or also office supplies.

biodegradable sticky tape

Technical Data Sheet


Finished product thickness (um) 52+2
Initial bonding (ball number #) 180° ≥17#
Peeling force (N/25mm) ≥9.0
Stay sticky (h) ≥48
Elongation(%) 20≤E≤45
Tensile strength (N/25mm) ≥75
Organic content (volatile solids content) % 99.3
Relative biodegradation rate (180d)% 92.3
Customizable size Size: support custom Clear jumbo roll: 860mm*5000m Color jumbo roll: 560mm*5000m
shelf life


2 years



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Some frequently asked questions we receive about any tapes.
Cellulose tape is already somewhat eco-friendly; how does making it biodegradable improve its environmental credentials?

Making cellulose tape fully biodegradable elevates its eco-friendliness, ensuring that it contributes to the cycle of life, not litter, after its adhesive duty is done.


Sticky tape is essential in many applications; does biodegradable sticky tape compromise on adhesiveness?

Not at all. Biodegradable sticky tape retains the requisite adhesiveness, proving that sticking to environmental principles need not mean a reduction in performance.


Shipping tape needs to be strong; can biodegradable shipping tape really do the job?

Biodegradable shipping tape marries strength with sustainability, ensuring parcels are securely bound while not binding the planet with more plastic.


In terms of packaging tape, how does the biodegradable variant stack up?

Biodegradable packaging tape stands tall, offering the same secure sealing capabilities while ensuring its departure from the environment is as seamless as its application.

What about stronger tapes, like duct tape? Is there a biodegradable option?

Even the stalwart duct tape has a biodegradable counterpart, offering robust performance coupled with an environmentally responsible end-of-life scenario.

Is there a version of clear tape that’s biodegradable?

Yes, biodegradable clear tape offers the same transparency as its plastic-based peers but promises a clearer conscience, dissolving back into the earth from whence it came.

How does biodegradable cellulose tape fit into the green narrative?

Cellulose tape, derived from plant material, exemplifies the green narrative by being both functional and fully biodegradable, embodying sustainability in every adhesive strand.

Can adhesive tapes also be biodegradable?

Absolutely. Biodegradable adhesive tapes are formulated with materials that break down over time, ensuring the bond they form with nature is as temporary as it is with the surfaces they adhere to.

Is there such a thing as biodegradable packing tape?

Indeed, biodegradable packing tape is a reality. Designed for the eco-aware packager, it secures packages without leaving lasting scars on our planet.

What distinguishes biodegradable tape from its conventional counterparts?

Biodegradable tape, unlike the traditional varieties, is crafted to decompose under specific conditions, thereby mitigating its environmental footprint. It's the eco-conscious choice for the discerning user.

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