PET Strap Manufacturer - Premium Quality Rolls & Bands

PET Strap Manufacturer - Premium Quality Rolls & Bands

Expert PET strap manufacturers offering high-strength PET strap rolls and strapping bands. Our products ensure durability and reliability for secure packaging and bundling in various industrial applications.





What is PET strap roll?

Green PET strap that is made from polyp-phthalates are among the most common and diverse synthetic material used in packaging as well as securing goods. Its special features' make it an advantageous option for different industries.
The PET strapping band used with animals as pets are also very strong and enduring. It features a high tensile strength that allows it to carry heavy loads on mechanical drivers without losing stability. This helps it easy to be used in sealing mass and bulky items during transporting as well as maintaining them.

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PET strap
High-Quality Green PET Strap for Secure Packaging

Discover our PET strapping roll made of green material and its strength to be eco-friendly. Being one of the leading PET strap manufacturer in China, we provide certainty of quality packaging, stretch film wholesale also do it. Vividly green color represents not only power, but also they mean stability and longevity; thus ideal replacement for some load-conscious products.

polyester strapping
polyester strap
Efficient PET Strap Rolls from Top Manufacturers

Our PET strapping band offer a unique attribute in the market; hence, is among the best options one can lay hands on. Being one of the good manufacturers in engineering pet strapping few popular strings, as reputable goods stride makers we guarantee high quality endured working. The green polyester strapping rolls are carefully designed to enable easy convenient control during sacking and hence improvement in your strapping process.

Reliable Polyester Strapping from Trusted Suppliers

For your packaging, trust us in our embossed polyester strapping. Through polyester strapping suppliers, we supply our products that are characterized with their high performance. Both for heavy-duty industrial use as well as to make sure that lighter loads are also secured, our polyester banding strap and wholesale packing tape are always adapted in highest quality standards to high level packaging solutions.

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Technical Data Sheet


Material Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)
Width Typically ranges from 9mm to 19mm
Thickness Usually varies from 0.5mm to 1.3mm
Tensile Strength High strength, typically ranging from 300N/mm² to 850N/mm²
Color Various colors available, commonly green, blue, white, etc.
Surface Finish Smooth or textured
Eco-Friendly Recyclable, reducing environmental impact
Weather Resistance Resistant to water, chemicals, and UV radiation
Certifications ISO 9001:2008, SGS Test


Transportation, packaging, bundling, cargo securing, etc.


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Our industry applications

Your brands' needs - secured and filled to your specifications

polyester strap
polyester strap
polyester strap
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plastic banding straps
polyester strap



Some frequently asked questions we receive about any tapes.
What future advancements do you anticipate in the field of PET strapping materials?

The future of PET strapping materials lies in the innovation of even more environmentally friendly and resilient solutions, potentially incorporating biodegradable elements and smart technologies for tracking and tension monitoring.

In what scenarios would 3/4 inch polyester strapping be preferable?

3/4 inch polyester strapping is the preferred option when dealing with heavier, more substantial loads, as it provides increased strength and security, mitigating the risk of damage during transit.

How does the 1/2 inch polyester strapping fare against wider options?

The 1/2 inch polyester strapping, while narrower, offers a cost-effective solution with adequate strength for lighter loads, making it a judicious choice for specific applications.

What are the nuances of selecting a polyester strapping band?

Selecting a polyester strapping band requires an appreciation for the specific demands of the task at hand, including load weight, environmental considerations, and the need for tension retention.

Could you compare the efficacy of polyester banding straps with other materials?

Polyester banding straps, with their superior tensile strength and minimal stretch, outperform many alternatives, offering both security and efficiency in a wide array of applications.

Is there a marked difference between PET strapping rolls and bands, or is it merely a semantic divergence?

The distinction, though subtle, often lies in the application and dimensions, with 'roll' referring to the form in which the material is supplied, and 'band' to its use in securing loads. However, the terms are frequently used interchangeably.

How does the PET strapping band differentiate itself in the packaging industry?

The PET strapping band distinguishes itself through its impressive load stability and resistance to environmental degradation, making it an indispensable ally in the logistics sector.

What attributes should one look for in a PET strap roll?

One should seek a PET strap roll that boasts a harmonious balance between tensile strength and elasticity, thereby ensuring it can accommodate the vicissitudes of transport with grace.

Could you elucidate the advantages of sourcing from a dedicated PET strap manufacturer?

Indeed, a manufacturer specialized in PET strapping brings to the table unparalleled expertise, ensuring that each strap is a paragon of strength and reliability, thereby epitomizing the zenith of packaging solutions.

What distinguishes green PET straps from their contemporaries in the realm of packaging materials

The green PET strap, a marvel in the sustainability arena, outshines its peers by virtue of its recyclability and durability, addressing both environmental concerns and the exigencies of securing goods with aplomb.

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