Gaffer Tape Manufacturer & Wholesale Supplier: Quality Cloth Tape Solutions

Gaffer Tape Manufacturer & Wholesale Supplier: Quality Cloth Tape Solutions

Leading gaffer tape manufacturer and supplier, offering premium wholesale cloth tape solutions. Discover durable, high-quality gaffer and cloth tapes for all your industrial needs. Fast shipping and bulk orders available.

Size: 24MM X 30M 48MM X 50 M 72MM X 25M

What is a bulk duct tape?

The large cloth tape suppliers of polyethylene and fiber gauze into a substrate,plastic surface coating agent, fiber’s your material; as well has plastic surfaces prior to any thermal melting-coated with heat sensitive rubber or natural gum. The resistance to oil,ageing water proof, corrosion and insulation of the anti -tensile capacity has many resistances that are used in locations with rough surfaces.

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wholesale colored duct tape
Versatile and Durable 

Our bulk colored duct tape is world famous for its amazing strength and versatility. It is manufactured in China from leading manufacturers of this kind. Suitable for all industrial and creative applications, it performs well in withstanding tough conditions while giving an array of bright colours to suit any requirement.

bulk colored duct tape
bulk order duct tape
Custom Cloth Tape Solutions

We manufacture custom cloth tape and gaff tape bulk made according to specific needs. We are producing high performance tapes with superior adhesion and easy tearability. They are versatile; they could be used for different purposes and can also be designed according to your requirements, depending on width, length as well as color.

Wholesale Gaffer and Duct Tape Excellence

We obtain our wholesale gaffer and colored duct tape and Glass cloth electrical tape collections from the leading manufacturers in China maximizing quality, reliability. These tapes are readily available in bulk and suitable for use on a large scale by industries. They have powerful adhesion, easy to apply and they come off without residue which makes them favored by professionals.

china colored duct tape

Technical Data Sheet


Prodcut Name Custom duct tape
Prodcut Material PVC+Gauze
Product Adhesive Hot melt glue
Prodcut Viscosity


Temperature Resistanec -15~60℃
Product Usage Carton sealing/carpet sewing spray/waterproof packaging
Features Oil resistance/aging resistance/leak -proof/anti -corrosion
Size 48mm*25m (Size can be customized)

1) Cardboard boxes with 100 or 200 rolls

2) Possibility to personalize the boxes with printing


ISO 9001:2008, SGS Test


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Our industry applications

Your brands' needs - secured and filled to your specifications

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Some frequently asked questions we receive about any tapes.
What is a cloth tape supplier known for?

They supply the sinews of durability;custom cloth tape is the unsung hero in scenarios demanding strength and flexibility, a true testament to the tape's robust versatility.

What's the rationale behind gaffer tape wholesale?

In the economy of scale, wholesale gaffer tape is the pragmatist’s treasure, ensuring both cost-effectiveness and a steady supply for the entertainment industry.

How do gaffer tape suppliers fit into the larger tape ecosystem?

They're the vital link between the shadowy realms of backstage and the bright glare of the spotlight, ensuring that the show goes on.

What differentiates a gaffer tape manufacturer from others?

Gaffer tape manufacturers are the unsung heroes of the entertainment world, providing the stealthy, residue-free adhesion that keeps productions seamlessly intact.

What should one seek in duct tape suppliers?

One seeks a trinity of reliability, quality, and variety – the holy grails of duct tape procurement.

Could you elucidate the role of a duct tape manufacturer?

Certainly! They are the alchemists of adhesion, transforming mundane materials into the backbone of both emergency repairs and artistic endeavors.

What's the allure of colored duct tape in bulk?

It's the intersection of abundance and aesthetics; a cornucopia of colors meets the practicality of ample supply.

How does China colored duct tape differ in the global tape discourse?

China's tape, infused with its own cultural and manufacturing nuances, contributes a unique tapestry to the global adhesive narrative.

Why would one opt for a bulk order of duct tape?

Economically speaking, it's a sagacious choice! Bulk purchasing caters to both the frugality and the abundance required in large-scale artistic or practical endeavors.

What's the significance of bulk colored duct tape in contemporary art installations?

Ah, a vibrant inquiry! Bulk colored duct tape transcends mere utility; it's the palette of the pragmatic artist, a medium blending Pop Art vivacity with minimalist utility.

Why Choose Opalus Packaging?


Commitment to quality
We take pride in delivering products and services that meet and exceed our customers' expectations.  
Focus on sustainability
We believe that responsible business practices are not only the right thing to do, but the smart thing to do in the long run. 
Customer-centric approach
We know that by putting our customers first, we can build strong and lasting relationships that benefit both parties. 

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