Bulk Filament Tape from Leading Suppliers

Bulk Filament Tape from Leading Suppliers

As top filament tape suppliers, we offer a comprehensive range of high-strength filament tapes at wholesale prices. Perfect for heavy-duty packaging and bundling, our tapes provide exceptional durability and reliability.


What is the feature of China filament strapping tape? 

Such a tape, which is famous for its incredible tensile strength, is an integral part of many places involving China tape filament. It features outstanding wear resistance and also moisture stability – perfect for instances where the filament packing tape is necessary. The uniquely pressure sensitive adhesive layer, which is native to the filament reinforced tape affords a superior durable adherence along with special characteristics. Filament tape manufacturers can provide all sorts of different needs fiberglass reinforced filament tape like insulation, conductivity, high temperature resistance and ultimately the tensile strength. In particular, filament tape is not easily bendable; it is crackproof, decay-resistant and residue free removal make its use without any concerns.

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Robust Filament Packing Tape

With the strength and toughness that no other packaging tape wholesale can provide, this product is as strong as a filament reinforced tape with fiberglass strands. Cross filament tape manufacturers guarantees a strong sealing and bundling tape of boxes and parcels, which resist splitting or tearing under the pressure. Suitable for the industrial and also commercial shipping needs.

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Leading Manufacturers' Premium Filament Tape

Some of the foremost filament tape suppliers located in China are producing a quality, biodegradable adhesive tape for demanding applications. These filament tape wholesale are characterized by a superlative tensile strength which makes them very ideal for securing the pallets, reinforcing packages and heavy loads. Various widths are also available to suit all the packaging needs.


Multifaceted and Robust Cross Filament Tape Solutions

The China filament strapping tape has a one-of-a-kind bidirectional reinforcement that yields an excellent strength and stability for the packaging and bundling. Filament tape manufacturers and suppliers provide these tapes in bulk quantities for the businesses requiring quality solutions from heavy items to industrial use with the contents remaining safe during transportation.

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Technical Data Sheet


Storage temperature 4 to 26℃
Storage humidity 40%~50%
Peel strength ≥28N/25MM
Tensile Strength 400N/25MM
Elongation at break 3%
Initial tack ≥18# steel ball
Holding force ≥24h
Thickness(μm) 180±10
Type Strip type or grid type
Customizing Service    


1) Support personalized customization
2) OEM service is available



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Our industry applications

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Some frequently asked questions we receive about any tapes.
How does the use of fiber tape reflect upon the evolution of adhesive solutions?

The use of fiber tape is a testament to the evolutionary journey of adhesives, from the rudimentary pastes of yore to the sophisticated, durable tapes of today. It embodies the spirit of innovation, a leap towards sustainability and strength, marking a new chapter in the endless pursuit of better binding solutions.


What role do filament tape manufacturers play in the industry's landscape?

 Manufacturers of filament tape are the unsung heroes of packaging, architects of the invisible frameworks that hold our world together. Their role transcends production; they are innovators, constantly redefining the boundaries of what adhesive technologies can achieve, molding the future with each roll they produce.

How does filament reinforced tape differ in its application and efficacy?

Filament reinforced tape, with its added strength, stands as a guardian of integrity. Its application is a ritual, ensuring that the items it protects are endowed with a resilience that mirrors the tape's own tenacity, a beacon of reliability in uncertain times.

What nuances does filament packing tape bring to the world of packaging?

 Filament packing tape is not just an accessory but a protagonist in the narrative of packaging. It speaks a language of durability and ease, offering a solace to those it encloses, promising a journey free from the perils of disbandment.

In what way does fiberglass reinforce filament tape's functionality?

 Infused with the might of fiberglass, the reinforced filament tape is nothing short of armor for parcels. This reinforcement transforms the tape from a mere adhesive to a bastion against the rigors of transport, ensuring that what is bound remains intact, defying the odds of wear and tear.

How does the cross weave filament tape enhance packaging solutions?

The cross weave filament tape, with its lattice-like reinforcement, brings an artistry to the mundane task of packaging. Its design is a nod to the strength found in interconnectedness, offering not just support, but an aesthetic appeal to the otherwise unremarkable act of securing goods.

What series does the china filament tape belong to, and its significance?

The China filament tape series represents a spectrum of adhesive excellence, a curated selection that embodies the fusion of tradition and innovation. Each tape in this series is a narrative, weaving tales of strength, flexibility, and reliability, bridging gaps both literal and metaphorical.

Could you elucidate on the bi-directional filament tape's unique attributes?

Certainly, the bi-directional filament tape is akin to the strapping variant yet distinguishes itself with a more focused application. Its strength is not merely in binding but in uniting surfaces with a bond that speaks of commitment and durability, a true testament to the science of adhesion.


how does the bi-directional filament strapping tape stand out?

This particular tape is a marvel of engineering, designed to withstand forces from two directions. Its bi-directional nature is not just a feature but a statement on resilience, symbolizing the ability to confront challenges from any angle, making it an indispensable ally in packaging's battle against the elements.

What distinguishes a 1/2 inch filament tape from its broader counterpart?

The subtle intricacies of china filament strapping tape widths! The 1/2 inch filament tape, with its slender profile, is not merely a tool for binding but a testament to precision and restraint. Its counterpart, the 3/4 inch, offers a broader embrace, suited for tasks demanding a more robust grip. Both, however, are champions in the realm of adhesion, their differences not a matter of superiority, but of suitability to the task at hand.


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