Leading Electrical Tape Manufacturer - Wholesale & Bulk Suppliers

Leading Electrical Tape Manufacturer - Wholesale & Bulk Suppliers

As a top electrical tape manufacturer, we offer a wide range of products including electrical tape in bulk. Click now to ensure with our trusted products!


What is bulk electrical tape used for?

Electric bias tape maker also has a security function that provides to safeguard, isolate and shield multiple conductive cords and cables. Therefore, custom electrical tape on the exposed wire is very necessary for automotive applications in ensuring safe and also reliable connections. This multipurpose product is widely known as the automotive electrical tape and it plays a crucial role of keeping the integrity of electric systems in vehicles.
Other than automotive application, the bulk white electrical tape is readily accessible for those in desperate need of a quick and handy solution for their wire works. This type of black electrical tape bulk is readily available in the local hardware stores and it has a variety of uses. It is also referred to as thermal isolation or insulation tape and it finds application in both the professional world and also homes where it provides reliable protection for electrical components.

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Affordable Electrical Tape Solutions

Buy some cheap electrical tapes that are suitable for both small and also large applications. From cheap options to the wholesale offers, we have what you need at whatever price. It is the best tool for electricians and also DIY fans who want to work with quality but without spending a fortune.

electrical tape manufacturer
electrical tape manufacturers

Leading Electrical Tape Manufacturers

Collaborate with the best of electrical tape manufacturers who provide a broad range of reputable products. These insulation tape manufacturer and suppliers can provide top quality insulation tape and automotive harness tape for specialized uses to versatile white electrical tape in bulk that is very durable, trustworthy and reliable in performing any electrical task.


Comprehensive Electrical Tape Suppliers

Our electrical tape supplier network offers a very wide range of insulation solutions for all your needs, such as glass cloth electrical tape. Irrespective of whether you need large quantities of white electrical tape for general purchases or if there is a specific type insulation kind needed, these suppliers meet the various needs involving safety and efficiency in the production process.

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Technical Data Sheet


Prodcut Name Electrical Tape Wholesale
Prodcut Material Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
Type Flame retardant and Non-flame retardant
Temperature Resistance 0℃-80℃
Color Black/white/yellow/red and so on
Thickness 0.13mm and custom
Width 19mm and custom
Breaking strength 14lbs/in
Packing Cardboard boxes with 500 rolls


600V and below



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Some frequently asked questions we receive about any tapes.
What role do electrical tape suppliers play in the grand tapestry of electrical engineering?

Electrical tape suppliers are the unsung heroes of electrical engineering, serving as the critical link between the manufacturers of these indispensable tools and the hands that wield them, ensuring that the flow of electrical tape remains uninterrupted, like the very currents they are used to insulate.

In the realm of electrical tape, how significant is the diversity among manufacturers?

The diversity among electrical tape manufacturers is paramount, fostering a competitive environment that drives innovation, variety, and quality, ensuring that the needs of both the amateur tinkerer and the professional electrician are met with equal fervor.

What distinguishes an electrical tape manufacturer of repute from the myriad of others?

A distinguished electrical tape manufacturer is marked not only by the superior quality of their tape but also by their innovation in adhesive technology, commitment to sustainability, and responsiveness to the bespoke needs of the electrical community.

How does the cost-effectiveness of cheap electrical tape weigh against its utility?

While cheap electrical tape offers an alluring upfront cost-saving benefit, the discerning electrician must weigh this against the tape's longevity and adhesive quality, lest they find their frugality leading to frequent replacements and, paradoxically, increased costs.


Why would one opt to buy electrical tape, considering the plethora of alternatives available?

Buying electrical tape, rather than relying on makeshift solutions, underscores a commitment to safety and precision in electrical work, recognizing that proper insulation is not just a choice but a necessity in preserving the integrity of electrical systems.

What are the implications of choosing bulk white electrical tape over its darker counterpart?

Opting for bulk white electrical tape, while seemingly a mere aesthetic choice, reflects a strategic decision for environments where color coding is paramount, enhancing visibility and safety in electrical mapping.

How does black electrical tape bulk purchases impact the logistical dynamics of electrical maintenance?

Procuring black electrical tape in bulk is akin to laying the foundations of a fortress, ensuring that one is never caught off guard by the vagaries of electrical wear and tear, thus maintaining the bulwark of electrical safety and reliability.

Is it feasible to procure custom electrical tape, and if so, what are its boons?

 Indeed, custom electrical tape is not only feasible but advisable for tasks requiring specific widths, colors, or adhesive properties, ensuring that your electrical endeavors are not only secure but also aesthetically pleasing, marrying form and function in electrical harmony.


Can you enlighten me on the ingenious contraption known as the electric bias tape maker?

Ah, the electric bias tape maker, a marvel of modern engineering, elegantly simplifies the creation of custom electrical tape strips, tailoring insulation with precision that echoes the meticulousness of a bespoke tailor in Savile Row, albeit for wires rather than wardrobes.

What distinguishes bulk electrical tape from its less voluminous counterparts?

Bulk electrical tape, aside from being a testament to one's preparedness for any electrical insularity crisis, offers the economic advantage and logistical superiority by ensuring one's inventory is as abundant as the variety of uses it serves, from makeshift fixes to professional installations.

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  • Focus on sustainability
    We believe that responsible business practices are not only the right thing to do, but the smart thing to do in the long run.
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    We know that by putting our customers first, we can build strong and lasting relationships that benefit both parties.

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