Reinforced Kraft Packing Tape Bulk for Secure Sealing

Reinforced Kraft Packing Tape Bulk for Secure Sealing

Explore our top-quality wholesale brown water-activated paper tape, perfect for secure packaging needs. Order now for an efficient and sustainable packing solution.

Hot sell size:48MM/50MM/72MM X 50/137/200M

What is reinforced kraft paper tape?

The Kraft paper tape, refer to the reinforced Kraft paper tape, is a packing tape made from Kraft paper, which is a strong brown paper material. However, the key difference is the inclusion of reinforcing fibers or filaments that are either incorporated into the tape or are laid in a cross-weave pattern. Such enhancements remarkably improve the strength and resistance of the tape, thus, make it tear- and stretch-resistant.
Brown water activated paper tape is mostly used for to heavy-duty packaging requirements including sealing boxes and cartons in shipping and storage. It offers a tamper-resistance seal and it is often preferred due to its ecological advantages, since Kraft paper is biodegradable and recyclable. Reinforced Kraft paper tape may also be water-activated, meaning it becomes sticky when moistened; this gives it an additional advantage in terms of being sealed properly and further increases its security characteristics.

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Reinforced Kraft Packing Tape

Eco-Friendly Reinforced Kraft Paper Tape

This Kraft paper tape is reinforced, which makes it very powerful for use in the packaging and shipment of goods. Impregnated with water activated adhesive, it sticks to cardboard surfaces tightly to form a stable seal. The tape has embedded reinforcement fibers that prevent tearing and stretching; this is great for heavy-duty. More, its green structure ensures that environmentally sensitive organizations make good use of it.

brown water activated paper tape
reinforced water activated tape

Heavy-Duty Brown Water-Activated Paper Tape

This brown water activated tape and custom printed kraft tape are engineered for the best performance of its kind and has the strong construction that is strong enough to secure even the very large and heavy packages. On wetting by water, the bonding agent becomes tacky and then sticks hard to the surface of the material due to the intensive stresses that are typical for transporting the material. The water activated brown paper tape gives it a professional appearance that is easily assimilated with most of the packaging materials.


Secure Seal Paper Packing Tape with Water Activation

The adhesive is water-activated which creates a bond of an extremely high bond strength to provide a reliable and secure seal for our paper packing tape water activated. Suited for closing cartons and parcels, this reinforced water activated tape gives a tamper evident bond that boosts package safety, wholesale 45mm width bopp packing tape also can meet the requirement. The water activated adhesive tape is water activated and the paper content that it has means that it is an environmentally friendly packaging solution. Being suitable for both professional and private use, it is a great option for maintaining the package integrity.

brown water activated tape

Technical Data Sheet


Water Activated Adhesive

Starch adhesive
Material Reinforced kraft paper/Without reinforced kraft paper

Top Ply:35g/m² Kraft paper

Bottom Ply: 35g/m² Kraft paper

Thread 72mm Fiberglass
Glue Weight 25g±2g/m²
Total Weight  118g±2g/m²
Total Thickness 5.51mils
Tensile Strength MD 190N/25mm
Tensile Strength TD 123N/25mm

ISO 9001:2008, SGS Test


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Some frequently asked questions we receive about any tapes.
Can water-activated gum tape's adhesion be compared to that of modern adhesives?

Water-activated gum tape, in its humble composition, challenges the zenith of modern adhesives, proving that sometimes, in simplicity, there lies unmatched efficacy.


What are the specific benefits of water-activated fiberglass tape in heavy-duty packaging?

Water-activated fiberglass tape, with its sinewy fibers, bestows upon parcels Herculean strength, rendering them impervious to the trials of transport.


Discuss the ecological implications of using water-activated brown paper tape.

Water-activated brown paper tape not only serves as a sentinel of package integrity but also as a herald of ecological stewardship, its very composition a paean to sustainability.

How does the water-activated adhesive tape fare against temperature variations?

Much like a steadfast knight braving the elements, water-activated adhesive tape exhibits remarkable fortitude, its adhesive bond unyielding in the face of thermal caprice.

In what scenarios is reinforced water-activated tape most advantageous?

In the theatre of shipping, where the specter of damage looms large, reinforced water-activated tape steps forth as a paragon of resilience, fortifying parcels against the vicissitudes of transit.

What are the merits of using paper packing tape that's water-activated over synthetic alternatives?

Paper packing tape, activated by the simplest of elements—water—reclaims the narrative of packaging from synthetic usurpers, offering a tapestry of strength and environmental harmony.


Could you elucidate the advantages of water-activated tape’s adhesive properties?

The adhesive prowess of water-activated tape is akin to an alchemical bond, where mere water transforms this tape into an indomitable seal, mocking the feeble attempts of standard tapes.

What role does the color brown play in the functionality of water-activated tape?

Beyond mere aesthetic, the color brown whispers tales of practicality and discretion, cloaking packages in an unassuming guise, thereby deterring the covetous gaze of potential pilferers.

How does brown water-activated paper tape contribute to environmental sustainability?

The quintessence of brown water-activated paper tape lies in its biodegradable nature, presenting an eco-friendly bastion in the face of relentless plastic encroachment, a true green knight in the packaging realm.

What distinguishes reinforced kraft paper tape from its non-reinforced counterparts in the context of packaging integrity?

Reinforced kraft paper tape, with its embedded fiberglass strands, not only ensures an aesthetic seal but also introduces a bastion of strength, thwarting any attempt at breach with aristocratic disdain.

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