Custom Printed Packing Tape & Logo Printing Tape Manufacturers

Custom Printed Packing Tape & Logo Printing Tape Manufacturers

Explore top-quality custom printed packing tape solutions for your brand. Our range includes custom packing tape with logos, personalized name tapes, and more from leading printing tape manufacturers. Enhance your packaging with our durable, eye-catching custom tape options, tailored to your brand's unique identity.

Hot sell size:48MM X 100/130/1000METERS

What are the benefits of using custom printed packing tape?

Custom packing tape with logo isn't merely a utilitarian object; it's a canvas for brand articulation. By customizing this seemingly mundane material, one transforms mere packaging into a sophisticated brand ambassador. Such custom name tapes doubles as a tamper-evident mechanism, enhancing security perceptibly. Furthermore, custom tape with logo is a vehicle for critical information dissemination, ranging from handling directives to promotional narratives, thereby fostering enhanced customer engagement and communication.

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Esoteric Elegance

Whether it's the bespoke elegance of packing tape wholesale emblazoned with your corporate insignia or the personalized flair of a tape bearing your name, each roll is a testament to uniqueness. Delve into the realm of this tape, alongside its cousin, clear bopp tape, both crafted from materials of the highest acrylic adhesive, durability echoing the endurance of time itself.

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Multifaceted Utility

Businesses, in their quest for brand omnipresence, can harness these tapes as a medium to etch their logos into the minds of consumers. Meanwhile, individuals seeking a touch of personalization, custom printed paper tape can transform mundane gift-wrapping or everyday items into expressions of their unique identity. 


Tape Specifications

In our quest to cater to the diverse tapestry of packaging needs, we present an array of custom tapes, each varying in width, length, and thickness. Such as 45mm, 48mm, 72mm width and 50m,130yard,1000m length and so on.

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Technical Data Sheet



Water based acrylic
Thickness(micron) 35mic-60mic (total)
Carrier/Backing Biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film
Length 10-1000m or yards
Width(mm) 12mm-72mm
Core 3" diameter
Film printed logo 110°C/230°F
Color Maximum three colours
Packaging quantity Normal carton packing with 36 or 72 rolls

ISO 9001:2008, SGS Test


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Our industry applications

Your brands' needs - secured and filled to your specifications

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Some frequently asked questions we receive about any tapes.
How long does it typically take to receive an order of custom packing tape logo?

Production and shipping durations for custom name tapes differ among manufacturers. Typically, it may span a few weeks from order placement to delivery, contingent on the size and specifics of the customization.

Is it possible to get a proof or sample before placing a large order?

Numerous companies provide proofs or samples for logo packaging tape upon request, enabling customers to evaluate the design and quality prior to placing a large order.

How do I choose the right adhesive for my printed tape custom?

The selection of adhesive for custom name tapes hinges on their application. For heavier packages, robust adhesives like hot melt or acrylic are advised, whereas lighter packages may only necessitate standard adhesives.

Can custom printed tape be environmentally friendly?

Yes, certain manufacturers provide eco-friendly custom shipping tape with logo, utilizing recycled or biodegradable materials, appealing to environmentally aware businesses.

What are the minimum order requirements for logo tape?

Minimum order requirements for custom name tapes differ among suppliers, with options for both low and higher quantity orders.

How durable is custom name tapes?

The durability of custom name tapes is contingent on their material and quality. Predominantly, these tapes are engineered to endure standard shipping conditions, encompassing fluctuations in temperature and the rigors of handling stress, thus ensuring their integrity and legibility throughout transit.

What materials are used for custom name tape?

Custom name tapes, crafted from robust polypropylene or PVC, boast exemplary durability and remarkable printability, epitomizing functionality and aesthetic versatility.

Can I print any design on custom tape with logo?

Indeed, purveyors of bespoke adhesive tapes frequently accommodate a myriad of designs, encompassing brand insignias and custom graphics, contingent upon adherence to legal norms and printing quality benchmarks.

How does custom printed packing tape benefit a business?

Custom packing tape adorned with a logo elevates brand visibility and exudes professionalism. Transforming wholesale packing tape into potent marketing instruments, it amplifies brand recognition and fosters customer loyalty, creating a lasting impression with each parcel dispatched.

What is custom printed packing tape?

Custom printed packing tape transcends mere adhesive functionality, morphing into a bespoke branding apparatus. This tape, emblazoned with tailored designs, logos, or verbiage, not only secures parcels but also serves as a dynamic conduit for brand amplification or message dissemination.

Why Choose Opalus Packaging?

  • Commitment to quality
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    We believe that responsible business practices are not only the right thing to do, but the smart thing to do in the long run.
  • Customer-centric approach
    We know that by putting our customers first, we can build strong and lasting relationships that benefit both parties.

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