Manufacturer of Glass Cloth Tape - Fireproof & Electrical Options

Manufacturer of Glass Cloth Tape - Fireproof & Electrical Options

We are a leading manufacturer of glass cloth tape, learn about the benefits and applications of glass cloth tapes for electrical insulation.

SIZE:50MM X 30M/25MM X 30M/100MM X 30M

What is glass cloth electrical tape?

Glass cloth tape is a specially manufactured specialized glass for high temperature resistant applications that contains special glue which ensures heat resistance and this kind of adhesive to be used with impregnated fiberglass tapes also electrical grade fiberglass tapes.
For all applications where high resistivity to heat is needed, the glass cloth insulation tape will serve perfectly!

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Glass cloth electrical tape
Durability and Strength

Tape glass cloth and custom electrical tape are known for their amazing strength and also tensile properties. Suitable for applications that require a lot, these glass cloth adhesive tape are abrasion-resistant to solvents and high temperatures which is why they can work in industrial environments when reliability has the top priority.

glass cloth insulation tape
glass cloth tape high temperature
Fireproof Electrical Insulation

Fireproof glass cloth electrical tape is a specially developed for applications in the field of electricity, which features a high insulating property. Glass cloth insulation tape is very fire resistant, heat-resisting and also creates a temperature demarcation for the electrical contacts which increase their safety.

High-Temperature Performance

The adhesive glass cloth tape developed for use in high temperature is integrity and adhesion properties are not changed due to such the conditions. This makes it a good selection for many applications in the field of aerodynamics, autos and also industry where heat-resistance is essential, China filament tape series also do.

high temperature glass cloth electrical tape

Technical Data Sheet


Prodcut Name Glass cloth electrical tape
Prodcut Substrate Glass cloth
Prodcut Adhesive Silicone
Temperature Resistance -30℃~260℃
Thickness (mm) 0.17、0.18、0.19、0.2
Adhesion N/25mm 600-800gf
Colour White
Size 48mm*33m*0.18mm (Size can be customized)
Packing Cardboard boxes with 72 or 96 rolls


ISO 9001:2008, SGS Test



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Some frequently asked questions we receive about any tapes.
When faced with the rigors of industrial use, how does glass cloth tape assert its dominance?

In the industrial coliseum, glass cloth tape asserts its dominance through its unparalleled durability, thermal resistance, and adhesive might. It stands as a bulwark against the elements, mechanical wear, and thermal degradation, championing the cause of reliability and longevity in the most demanding of applications.

What sets adhesive glass cloth tape apart in the adhesive tape pantheon?

Adhesive glass cloth tape distinguishes itself through its synthesis of robust adhesive strength and heat-resistant fabric, offering a solution that adheres where others would relent. It is a testament to the marriage of form and function, a beacon for those in search of adhesive solutions that do not compromise on quality or resilience.


How does high temperature glass cloth electrical tape keep its cool under pressure?

This tape is a paragon of thermal resilience, engineered to maintain its insulative and adhesive properties in the face of scorching temperatures. Its ability to "keep its cool" is not just a metaphor but a literal attribute that ensures the continuity and safety of electrical systems.

In the arena of high temperatures, how does glass cloth tape high temperature carve its niche?

Glass cloth tape high temperature thrives in the crucible of extreme heat, its composition designed to withstand temperatures that would compromise lesser materials. It is the material of choice for applications where the mercury rises, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to performance under fire.

What is the significance of glass cloth insulation tape in thermal management?

Glass cloth insulation tape is the unsung hero of thermal management, its insulative properties serving as a bulwark against thermal transference. It plays a pivotal role in maintaining the thermal integrity of systems, ensuring that heat does not become a harbinger of failure.

How does the adhesive prowess of glass cloth adhesive tape compare to its non-adhesive brethren?

 Glass cloth adhesive tape, with its potent adhesive capabilities, stands in stark contrast to non-adhesive variants, affording an ease of application and a level of adhesion that marries durability with convenience. This tape adheres with a tenacity that belies its unassuming appearance.


What role does tape glass cloth play in fireproof applications?

 In the theater of fireproof applications, tape glass cloth emerges as a protagonist, its inherent fire resistance properties making it an indispensable ally in combatting the ravages of flame and heat. It acts as a protective barrier, safeguarding materials and components from the clutches of fire.

Can you elucidate on the variety of glass cloth tapes available?

The spectrum of glass cloth tapes is as vast as it is varied, encompassing options tailored to specific industrial, electrical, and high-temperature applications. Each variant is meticulously engineered to meet the exigencies of its intended environment, demonstrating a versatility that transcends the conventional adhesive narrative.

How does glass cloth electrical tape light up the world of electrical insulation?

Illuminating the realm of electrical insulation, glass cloth electrical tape serves as a bulwark against high temperatures and insulation breaches. Its fabric, akin to the armor of electrical conductors, ensures operational integrity in the face of thermal adversity.

What distinguishes glass cloth tape from its adhesive counterparts?

Glass cloth tape, a veritable titan in the adhesive domain, boasts an unparalleled resistance to heat and abrasion. Its woven fabric foundation, impregnated with a high-grade adhesive, endows it with a resilience suited for environments where ordinary tapes would falter and yield.

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