Premium Double-Sided Carpet Tape by Expert Manufacturers

Premium Double-Sided Carpet Tape by Expert Manufacturers

As leading manufacturers, we specialize in high-grade double-sided carpet tape, offering a variety of options including adhesive and cloth carpet tapes. Our durable and versatile double-sided tapes ensure a strong, reliable hold for all your carpeting needs, tailored to both commercial and residential applications.

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What is double-sided carpet tape?

Double-sided adhesive tape for carpet is a type of tape specially made for keeping carpets in place.
It is notable that the carpet tape double sided has high adhesive characteristics.
On both sides, which are intended to keep the carpet in place and prevent it from slipping away.

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double sided carpet tape
Strong Bond Double-Sided Carpet Tape

This double-sided adhesive carpet tape is made to ensure extreme adhesion, hence perfect for fastening carpet on various surfaces. The use of a strong adhesive gives the material a firm grip, and so there are no slips or trips. The fact that this strongest double sided carpet tape is highly versatile also means that can be used both outdoors and indoors, sticking reliably to wood, tile, and concrete.

carpet double sided tape
carpet double sided tape
Residue-Free Double-Sided Adhesive Carpet Tape

The double sided adhesive carpet tape and wholesale colored duct tape that we offer is very strong, but does not leave any sticky residue. It is perfect for an installation that is temporary or for the rental properties where removal without damage is necessary. This strong double sided carpet tape is simple to use and has strong sticking that is sufficient to hold the carpets, but peels off easily when no longer needed.

Heavy-Duty Double Sided Cloth Carpet Tape

This heavy duty double sided carpet tape is double sided and is designed for heavy-duty uses and offers more strength and durability. The cloth back gives it the flexibility to apply it easily and the adhesive on carpets and floors is quite powerful. This double sided sticky tape for carpets and pro gaffer tape are ideal for places with high traffic as it can withstand wear and tear and hold the carpets in position.

double sided carpet tape

Technical Data Sheet


Adhesive Type

Acrylic/Synthetic Rubber
Thickness 0.2 mm
Color Typically transparent or white
Adhesion Strength 50 oz/inch
Temperature Resistance  -10°C to 80°C
Tensile Strength 40 lbs/inch
Temperature Resistance 110°C/230°F
Removability Easy/Residue-Free Removal
Suitable Surfaces Carpet, Wood, Tile, Concrete, etc



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carpet adhesive tape
carpet adhesive tape
carpet adhesive tape



Some frequently asked questions we receive about any tapes.
Why would one opt for double back carpet tape over other types?

Double back carpet tape is specifically designed for those seeking an extra layer of stability and strength in their carpet installations. Its unique construction provides an additional support layer, making it an excellent choice for areas where carpet movement is a concern, thus ensuring both aesthetic and functional superiority.

What is the significance of the strongest double-sided carpet tape in the market?

The strongest double-sided carpet tape in the market offers unmatched adhesive power, capable of holding carpets in place under almost any condition. It is especially valuable in commercial or outdoor settings, where environmental factors and heavy use demand the highest level of adhesive performance.

How does strong double-sided carpet tape enhance carpet installation?

Strong double-sided carpet tape ensures a secure and durable bond between the carpet and floor, significantly reducing the likelihood of repositioning or lifting. This strength is crucial for maintaining the carpet's position and appearance over time, even in high-use areas.

What distinguishes heavy-duty double-sided carpet tape?

Heavy-duty double-sided carpet tape is characterized by its superior adhesive strength and resilience, designed to withstand significant stress and wear. It's particularly suited for commercial settings or areas with high foot traffic, offering a long-lasting and reliable flooring solution.

How does double-sided sticky tape for carpets benefit heavy traffic areas?

In areas subjected to heavy foot traffic, double-sided sticky tape for carpets ensures that rugs and mats remain firmly in place, resisting the constant pressure and movement. This contributes to both the safety and maintenance of the carpet, preventing curling edges and slips.

What advantages does double-sided cloth carpet tape offer over traditional tapes?

Double-sided cloth carpet tape offers enhanced durability and flexibility, making it highly effective for securing carpets on uneven surfaces. Its cloth backing allows for a certain degree of 'give', accommodating slight shifts and movements without losing grip, thereby prolonging the lifespan of the carpet installation.

What makes double-sided adhesive carpet tape a preferred choice for flooring solutions?

The preference for double-sided adhesive carpet tape lies in its exceptional strength and versatility. It adheres to a variety of surfaces, including tile, hardwood, and laminate, without leaving residue or damaging the flooring, making it an ideal solution for both temporary and permanent carpet installations.

Can you explain the utility of double-sided carpet tape in home décor?

Double-sided carpet tape plays a pivotal role in home décor by allowing for the precise placement and secure fastening of carpets and area rugs. This ensures that the design and layout of a room are enhanced without the worry of the carpets moving or bunching, thus maintaining the aesthetic integrity and safety of the living space.

How does double-sided adhesive tape for carpets differentiate from regular tape?

Unlike its single-sided counterpart, double-sided adhesive tape for carpets features adhesive on both sides, tailored specifically for carpet installation. This design allows for a robust, invisible hold, facilitating a neat and efficient attachment without the need for visible fixings or fasteners.

What is the primary purpose of carpet tape that is double-sided?

Double-sided carpet tape is ingeniously designed to securely anchor carpets and rugs to the floor, ensuring they stay put without slipping, thus mitigating the risk of trips and falls. Its dual adhesive surfaces provide a formidable bond between the floor and the carpet, offering a seamless and stable installation.

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