Leading Manufacturer of Double-Sided Gel & Nano Tapes

Leading Manufacturer of Double-Sided Gel & Nano Tapes

As a premier manufacturer, we specialize in double-sided clear gel tape and nano tape, offering innovative and reusable gel adhesive solutions. Our high-quality tapes are designed for versatility and durability, catering to a wide range of industrial and household needs.

SIZE: 10MM X 1M 30MM X 3 M 50MM X 3 M

Is double sided clear gel tape good?

Double sided gel adhesive tape is a newly invented product that has become very popular in the recent years.
Strong adhesive properties of the double sided reusable gel tape is one its best features. Even in the most critical climatic conditions, it does not lose its tackiness; also, It is capable of supporting weighty items. This means it can be used on different surfaces such as wood, metal, plastic or glass. Two sided gel tape is also very recyclable because it can be used several times without sticking to the surface.
One of the advantages of nano tape buy is its ease in the application and also utilization. It is available in rolls or sheets and nano tape manufacturer can also cut tapes into the preferred dimensions. It is suitable for achieving an orderly but also uncluttered appearance because it can keep things like the picture frames, posters and power cords in position without marring surfaces.

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Innovative Nano Transparent Tape

Nano transparent tape presents an innovative adhesive technology, which combines invisibility with the superior holding capability. This reusable double sided gel tape is ideal for situations where a hidden bond is required like glass or clear surfaces to achieve the desired smooth and clean look without letting go of its strength, automotive double sided foam tape also can meet your requirement.

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Versatile Double Sided Gel Sticky Tape

Double sided adhesive gel tapes offer a very secure, bendable connection to the various surfaces like uneven ones and porous. Its clear gel formulation enables almost a completely transparent attachment of the products, which is quite useful when decorating signs and fixtures without any tape lines.

Reusable Gel Grip Solutions

The washable and repositionable nature of the gel tape and clear acrylic double sided tape makes it our a convenient double-sided tape that can be used for several times. It provides a strong hold for the temporary or permanent mounting applications, and its gel-based adhesive does not leave behind any residue to keep the surfaces clean without any damage after removal. For organization, decoration as well as for every day fixes.

double sided gel sticky tape

Technical Data Sheet


Adhesive 2.0±0.02mm
Membrane 0.123±0.01mm
Total Thickness 2.0±0.02mm
Adhesive Strength ≥3.5kgf/inch
Holding Power ≥48h
Heat Resistance -10 to 120℃
Adhesion to steel plate (180° peeling force) 20min ≥22
Ring-shaped adhesive (24mm*24mm) ≥30N
Short-term temperature resistance 150℃
Long-term temperature resistance 80℃


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Some frequently asked questions we receive about any tapes.
How does double-sided gel sticky tape challenge our understanding of permanence in adhesion?

By offering a bond that is both secure and non-permanent, double-sided gel sticky tape challenges entrenched perceptions of permanence in adhesion, paving the way for a paradigm shift towards more flexible and reversible adhesive solutions.

What innovations in grip technology are exemplified by double-sided gel grip tape?

Double-sided gel grip tape stands at the forefront of grip technology innovation, providing an optimal balance of tackiness and ease of handling, which enhances user interaction with objects in a myriad of contexts.

How does double-sided adhesive gel tape compare to traditional adhesives in terms of safety and ease of use?

Double-sided adhesive gel tape offers a safer and more user-friendly alternative to traditional adhesives, mitigating the risks of toxic exposure and simplifying the application process, thereby democratizing access to effective adhesion solutions.

What is the significance of two-sided gel tape in the advancement of adhesive technology?

Two-sided gel tape represents a significant leap forward in adhesive technology, offering unparalleled flexibility and adaptability across a broad spectrum of applications, from industrial to domestic.

How does the reusability of double-sided gel tape contribute to environmental sustainability?

The reusability of double-sided gel tape embodies the principles of sustainability by dramatically reducing waste and encouraging a culture of reuse, aligning with the ethos of environmental stewardship.

What are the potential applications of gel mounting tape in the context of modern interior design?

Gel mounting tape finds its niche in modern interior design as an indispensable tool for affixing decorative elements seamlessly, thereby facilitating a clean, uncluttered aesthetic that is highly prized in contemporary spaces.

In what way does double-sided reusable gel tape revolutionize the concept of temporary attachments?

This innovation disrupts traditional notions of temporality in attachments by introducing the capability for countless reapplications without loss of adhesion, heralding a new era of sustainable usage practices.

How does the double-sided gel adhesive tape's composition contribute to its durability and strength?

The molecular architecture of double-sided gel adhesive tape is meticulously engineered to balance cohesiveness and elasticity, resulting in a tape that can withstand significant stress while maintaining its integrity.

Can double-sided clear gel tape be considered a versatile solution for mounting objects without visible residue?

Indeed, double-sided clear gel tape epitomizes versatility in mounting, offering a clandestine fixative solution that leaves behind no telltale signs of application, thereby ensuring aesthetic integrity.

What distinguishes nano transparent tape from its conventional counterparts in terms of molecular adhesion properties?

Nano transparent tape leverages nanotechnology to enhance adhesion through an increase in surface area contact, enabling a bond that is both formidable and subtly reversible, a testament to the marvels of modern material science.

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