Leading Custom Printed Paper Tape Manufacturer| Custom Kraft Tape

Leading Custom Printed Paper Tape Manufacturer| Custom Kraft Tape

Discover top-quality custom solutions from a premier adhesive tape manufacturer. Specializing in personalized paper tape and custom printed kraft tape, we offer durable, eco-friendly options tailored to your needs. Perfect for branding, packaging, and more.

Hot sell size:48MM/50MM/72MM X 50/137/200M

What can some of these benefits for custom kraft paper tape packaging?

First, no doubt it becomes an icon of friendliness to the ecosystem because of its biodegradable nature and recycled materials used while making this fort. Second, that they are given choice to have tapes printed either with logo or design of your brands showing them a little more stylish value pulling out interest and offering uniqueness in the look of packages you deliver from yours. Besides an attractive look, this kraft tape is also known as a strong and solid one that makes it possible for secure packing of your products so they can remain safe in the process of transportation and delivery.

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Durability and Strength

Water activated tape custom known for its superb strength in packaging others is custom kraft tape. This will ensure the product has reliable sealing capacity, with assurances that it contents would remain intact through transport and handling. Suitable for demanding applications, this tape makes it hard to tear or split making your packages as secure as they can be.

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Eco-Friendly Nature

Custom printed kraft tape enhances branding and supports environmental sustainability. It consists of recyclable materials and serves as an eco-friendly replacement for the usual packaging tapes. Its biodegradable qualities reduce its impact on the environment thus becoming a preferred option for eco-friendly brands searching to decrease their carbon footprint.


Brand Enhancement

Custom kraft paper tape works in the capacity of a branding drive because every carton turned into an advertisement carrier for your company. Customized abilities with logos, designs, and colors improve brand visibility and recognition. This custom gummed paper tape is making ordinary custom printed packing tape, creating an impression on customers that stays with them and strengthens brand perception.

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Technical Data Sheet


Water Activated Adhesive

Starch adhesive
Material Reinforced kraft paper/Without reinforced kraft paper

Top Ply:35g/m² Kraft paper

Bottom Ply: 35g/m² Kraft paper

Thread 72mm Fiberglass
Glue Weight 25g±2g/m²
Total Weight  118g±2g/m²
Total Thickness 5.51mils
Tensile Strength MD 190N/25mm
Tensile Strength TD 123N/25mm

ISO 9001:2008, SGS Test


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Some frequently asked questions we receive about any tapes.
What practical advantages does custom water-activated packing tape offer in terms of application and sealing?

Custom water-activated packing tape provides a reliable and efficient sealing solution, ensuring packages are securely closed during transit while allowing for easy application.

How does custom water-activated packaging tape contribute to a professional and polished appearance?

Custom water-activated packaging tape not only ensures a secure seal but also adds a professional touch, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the shipped packages.

How does custom printing on water-activated tape benefit businesses in terms of security?

Custom printed water-activated tape adds an extra layer of security by displaying unique identifiers or branding, making tampering more easily detectable.

What distinguishes brown gummed paper packing tape from other packing tape varieties?

Brown gummed paper packing tape, also known as water-activated tape, offers a strong and adhesive seal, ensuring secure packaging for shipments.

What makes water-activated tape with custom features stand out in the packaging industry?

Water-activated tape, when customized, provides a secure seal for packages, and the activation process enhances tamper-evident features.

In what scenarios is custom kraft tape a preferred choice for packaging?

Custom kraft tape is often favored for its versatility, strength, and ability to convey a rustic, natural look that suits various product types.

How does custom kraft paper tape contribute to sustainable packaging practices?

Custom kraft paper tape is an eco-friendly option, made from natural fibers, and can be recycled, promoting environmentally conscious packaging.

What is the primary advantage of using custom printed kraft tape?

Custom printed kraft tape combines the strength of kraft paper with personalized branding, offering a durable and eco-friendly packaging solution.

How does custom printed paper tape enhance branding efforts?

Custom printed paper tape allows businesses to showcase their logos and graphics on packaging, reinforcing brand recognition during shipping.

What sets personalized paper tape apart from regular packaging tape?

Personalized paper tape is customized with unique designs, logos, or messages to reflect individual preferences or brand identity.

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