EPDM Tape Supplier: Versatile Sealing Solution

EPDM Tape Supplier: Versatile Sealing Solution

Discover our bulk EPDM tape range, including EPDM foam tape, double-sided EPDM tape, and adhesive options.  Find the ideal tape for your projects. Buy now.

SIZE: 20MM X 2MM×10M 30MMX 10MM×5M 50MMX 20MM×2M

What is EPDM foam tape?

EPDM tape is a foamed adhesive type of rubber, which is done from the Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. Double sided epdm tape expansion process ultimately makes the material very soft and malleable, aiding in its ability to wrap around irregular surfaces as well as sealing very tightly. Epdm adhesive tape may also be applied as a single-sided or double-faced adhesive, which increases its suitability in the different industrial sectors such as motor vehicles and construction fields.

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Versatile Adhesion and Durability

EPDM double sided tape provides excellent adhesion on both sides of the material, thereby providing reliable bonding for a wide range of different materials. Its excellent performance in the durability and its resistance to environmental factors make it very suitable for industrial, automotive and also construction uses, such as double sided acrylic foam tapes.

epdm glazing tape
epdm rubber tape
High sealing performance

The EPDM gasket and sealing tapes and automotive double sided foam tape offer excellent water, air, and dustproof property. Their ease of adaptation and the high degree of compression facilitate an excellent conformability to the gaps, which makes them ideal for waterproofing as well as insulation needs in abrasive settings.

Weather-Resistant Sealing Solutions

Window and door sealing EPDM glazing, elastic tapes are highly resistant to the weather UV temperature differentials. Their self-adhesive characteristics mean an easy installation and result in a durable, weather tight seal.

epdm sealing tape

Technical Data Sheet


Prodcut Name Epdm double sided tape
Prodcut Material Foam+glue
Pressure 20N/cm²
Color Black/white/grey
Thickness 1mm-15mm
Width 8mm-900mm
Temperature resistant Normal temperature
Packing Cardboard boxes with 50 or 100 rolls
Customizing Service 1)Support personalized customization.
2) OEM service is available.


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Some frequently asked questions we receive about any tapes.
What makes self-adhesive EPDM tape convenient for DIY projects?

Its ease of application, requiring no specialized tools or curing time, empowers individuals to undertake repairs and projects with confidence and efficiency.


Why is EPDM sealing tape considered superior for outdoor applications?

Its resistance to environmental factors such as UV light and ozone degradation ensures that it remains effective in sealing over extended periods, even in harsh outdoor conditions.

What role does EPDM rubber tape play in electrical insulation?

This tape is a dielectric material, meaning it can insulate electrical currents, safeguarding against short circuits and ensuring operational safety.

How does EPDM glazing tape contribute to window installations?

It provides a cushion between the glass and frame, absorbing shocks and preventing leaks, thereby enhancing the window's integrity and longevity.

In what way does EPDM gasket tape excel in sealing applications?

EPDM gasket tape offers a compressible, flexible seal that conforms to irregular surfaces, ensuring a watertight seal against fluids and gases.

Why is EPDM double-sided tape a preferred choice in automotive applications?

Its capacity to bond dissimilar materials together, coupled with its resilience against vibrations and temperature fluctuations, makes it a favored option for automotive seals and gaskets.

Can EPDM adhesive tape withstand extreme environmental conditions?

Absolutely. Its adhesive qualities are ingeniously formulated to maintain adhesion across a vast temperature range, affirming its reliability in both scorching summers and frigid winters.

What advantages does double-sided EPDM tape offer in construction?

With adhesive on both sides, this tape simplifies the installation of materials by ensuring a robust bond, eliminating the need for mechanical fasteners, and streamlining the assembly process.

How does EPDM foam tape serve in soundproofing applications?

The cellular structure of EPDM foam tape acts as an excellent absorber of sound waves, thus mitigating noise pollution and fostering serene environments.

What distinguishes EPDM tape from its counterparts?

EPDM tape, characterized by its durable synthetic rubber composition, offers unparalleled resistance against weathering, UV rays, and ozone, rendering it an indispensable ally in waterproofing endeavors.

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