Bulk Hockey Tape Deals: Save Big on Your Purchase!

Bulk Hockey Tape Deals: Save Big on Your Purchase!

Discover unbeatable deals on bulk hockey tape! Ideal for teams and retailers, our guide helps you save big. Click to explore top offers and bulk purchase tips!

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What is a hockey tape?

The bulk hockey tape is a special tape used by hockey players,
which can enhance the grip of the hockey stick and protect
all areas of the equipment. For any hockey player, it is an
indispensable accessory with different colors, width and thickness.

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hockey tape
Mamufacturing Strike Resistant

Polyester cotton cloth coated with

environmentally pressure sensitivity glue.

The tape has good low temperature resistant.

Applicable to sealing and protecting

in ice hockey field.


hockey tape
hockey tape
 Strong Addhesion

Hockey stick tape has the characteristics of

strong durability, waterproof and anti -sweat,

Used to wrap the wrist, fingers, etc.

Avoid injuries and improve the stability of the game.

One of the essential equipment in ice hockey.

Custom Size




50mm*50m and so on,

width, meters and design all

can support to customize

hockye tape


Prodcut Name Ice hockey tape
Prodcut Material

Polyester cotton cloth+pressure sensitivity glue

Product Weight


Prodcut Viscosity


Product Resistanec


Product Usage Wear resistance/protection/non -slip

3" internal diameter neutral


2.5cm*25m (Size can be customized)


1) Cardboard boxes with 96 or 200 rolls

2) Possibility to personalize the boxes with printing



ISO 9001:2008, SGS Test


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Our industry applications

Your brands' needs - secured and filled to your specifications

hockey tape
hockey tape
hockey tape
hockey tape
hockey tape
hockey tape



Some frequently asked questions we receive about any tapes.
Can hockey tape in bulk be used for purposes other than hockey sticks?

Although it was designed for hockey sticks, some have found handles for other sports equipment or for improved grips.

Are there different types of custom hockey stick tape for specific playing conditions?

Some brands offer different variations of tape for specific play conditions, such as all-weather tape for outdoor play or extra sticky tape for a better grip.

Can custom logo hockey tape be reused?

Custom logo hockey tape is generally not reusable because it adheres firmly to the surface of the stick and may lose its adhesive after removal.

How long does personalized hockey tape usually last?

The longevity of tapes can vary depending on usage, but players are often required to reapply regularly, especially after games or practices.

Can I make hockey tape wholesale based on color and design?

Some manufacturers offer a variety of colors, patterns, and designs that allow players to personalize the tape to some extent.

Is there a specific way to wrap a hockey stick with custom printed hockey tape?

Yes, there are different techniques for wrapping the blades and handles of hockey sticks, and players often have their preferred method.

How does custom hockey tape improve grip?

The textured surface of the tape gives players greater control over the puck and its sticks, especially in different weather conditions.

What are the common characteristics of custom hockey tape?

Key features include durability, flexibility, adhesive backing and textured surfaces to improve grip strength.

What is the main purpose of using custom hockey tape?

Hockey tape bulk is primarily used to enhance grip strength, protect the blade and enable players to better handle the puck.

What is Custom hockey tape?

Custom hockey stick tape is specialized tape used by hockey players to wrap the blades and handles of the hockey stick to improve grip and puck control.

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