Wholesale Automotive Harness Tape - Wiring Solutions

Wholesale Automotive Harness Tape - Wiring Solutions

Explore our extensive selection of wholesale automotive harness tape, including wire harness wrapping and cloth tapes. Click now to ensure with our trusted products!

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What is the wire harness tape?

Wire harness tape is another name for wholesale electrical tape used in both electric and auto industry. Its primary goal is to insulate and shield wires assemblies or bundles of wire harnesses.
As a whole, electrical tape for wiring harness is an effective tool for wire management in ensuring electrical insulation, durability of the systems, ease with which it can be used while installing and protection from effects caused by environmental changes.

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fleece wire harness tape
Superior Wire Management Solution

Find the best automotive harness tape for effective wire management. This tape provides secure packaging and is able to perform well even under demanding circumstances. The sleek black finish allows it to blend in with your car's wiring making it look professional.

cloth harness tape
fabric harness tape
Durable and Flexible

Manufactured for strength and portability, our automotive wiring harness cloth tape is a preferred option in securing as well as insulating the wire ends. The cloth and glass cloth electrical tape has high abrasion resistance and is durable for a long time. This automotive wire harness wrapping streamlines installation and maintenance, making it the preferred solution to car enthusiasts.

Stealthy Wire Concealment

Make your car's wiring look better with our black wire harness tape. Being intended for hidden wire mounting, this car harness tape guarantees clean look and enhanced protection. With its superior adhesive, it assures a firm grip and is thus necessary for both DIY projects as well as professional automotive work.    

black wire harness tape

Technical Data Sheet



Carrier PET Fleece Textile
Adhesive Strength >1.5 N/cm
Length 10-1000m or yards
Elongation at Break 10-25%
Tensile Strength 40N/cm
Temperature Resistance 110°C/230°F
Color Black
Total Thickness 0.3mm-0.0118mm
Roll Size

3/4" X 27.34 yards


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Our industry applications

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harness cloth tape
harness wrap tape
high temperature resistant automotive wiring harness tape



Some frequently asked questions we receive about any tapes.
What role does harness cloth tape play in the automotive repair toolkit?

Harness cloth tape is indispensable for repairs, offering a reliable solution for bundling wires, providing thermal insulation, and protecting against vibrations, ensuring the vehicle's wiring remains in pristine condition.

Why is fleece wire harness tape becoming increasingly popular in the automotive industry?

Fleece tape is celebrated for its exceptional noise dampening properties and soft texture, making it the go-to choice for luxury vehicles where silent operation is paramount.

What attributes make fabric harness tape a preferred choice in automotive applications?

Its fabric composition allows for excellent flexibility and abrasion resistance, facilitating easier application and enhanced protection in tight spaces and along sharp edges where wires are most vulnerable.

What's the significance of electrical tape for wiring harness applications?

The right electrical tape for wiring harnesses ensures electrical insulation and protection against physical damage, crucial for maintaining the integrity and longevity of automotive electrical systems.

How does cloth harness tape compare to plastic-based alternatives?

Cloth harness tape offers superior conformability and breathability, which aids in moisture dissipation and reduces the risk of corrosion under the tape, a common issue with non-breathable plastic-based tapes.

In what scenarios would one prefer car harness tape over traditional options?

Car harness tape is favored for its design to withstand automotive-specific challenges, including exposure to engine oils, coolant, and fluctuating temperatures, making it indispensable for automotive repairs and assembly.

What advantages does black wire harness tape offer over other colors?

Beyond aesthetics, black wire harness tape often features a higher concentration of UV inhibitors, providing added resilience against degradation from sunlight exposure, making it a pragmatic choice for exterior applications.

Can you elucidate the benefits of using automotive wiring harness cloth tape?

The cloth tape variant is lauded for its flexibility and noise reduction capabilities, making it ideal for areas where wires may rub against the chassis, thus preventing wear while also quelling unwanted rattles and vibrations.

Why is automotive wire harness wrapping tape critical in vehicle manufacturing?

This specialized tape plays a pivotal role in vehicle manufacturing by ensuring the wire harnesses are securely bundled, thereby reducing the risk of electrical shorts, improving reliability, and enhancing overall vehicle safety.

What distinguishes automotive harness tape from standard electrical tape?

Automotive harness tape is uniquely engineered to withstand the harsh conditions of the automotive environment, offering superior abrasion resistance, thermal insulation, and noise dampening properties compared to its generic counterpart.

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