Aluminium Butyl Tape - Premium Manufacturer's Range

Aluminium Butyl Tape - Premium Manufacturer's Range

Explore our high-quality wholesale aluminium butyl tape, designed for superior sealing.  Find the right tape for your sealing and insulation needs. Buy now.


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Will aluminum butyl tape melt?

Aluminum butyl tape is characterized by high temperature resistance and will remain solid under normal conditions. Its melting point is typically 120°C to 150°C (248°F to 302°F), well above normal outdoor temperatures and most construction and caulking applications. This kind of aluminum foil butyl tape usually comprises an aluminum foil back with a butyl rubber adhesive coating. However, aluminum butyl tape is very heat resistant and does not melt when exposed to high temperatures.
But, as with any material aluminum foil butyl rubber tape has limitations. Although it will not liquefy, even in normal operating conditions such as using the product outside or where significant exposure to heat is present, this material may suffer degradation due to high temperatures beyond its tolerance range.

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aluminum butyl tape
Excellent Waterproofing

Aluminium butyl tape is a better waterproofing method. Aluminum foil backing provides strength and corrosion resistant Due to its good adhesion with the help of butyl rubber, this sealant can effectively serve as leak and gap sealing in various applications.

butyl aluminium flashing tape
butyl aluminum tape
Versatile and Easy to Use

This aluminum foil butyl waterproof tape is very flexible and easy to install. It bonds to various types of surfaces such as metalic, wooden, concrete or plastic. The versatility enables it to be used on curved and irregular surfaces ensuring reliable application for many construction or repair jobs.

Weather-Resistant and UV Stable

Butyl tape, feathered aluminum foil is a weather resistant product. Butyl aluminum tape is capable of being used in environments that have both hot and cold temperatures. On the other hand, its UV resistance means that it does not decompose when exposed to sunlight and thus is suitable for use outdoors.

butyl backed aluminum tape

Technical Data Sheet


Color Silver
Backing material Aluminum foil
Glue system Butyl glue
Thickness 1mm
Temperature resistance -40 to 120℃
Water Resistance Level ‎Waterproof
Pull strength Strong
Tensile strength Excellent
Tear strength Strong

ISO 9001:2008, SGS Test


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china butyl aluminum tape
aluminium butyl flashing tape
aluminium foil butyl rubber tape



Some frequently asked questions we receive about any tapes.
If one seeks a tape that is both lightweight and enduring, what should they choose?

Butyl aluminum tape, a testament to the marriage of lightness and longevity.

When durability meets flexibility in tape form, what is it called?

Butyl backed aluminum tape, a harmonious blend of rigidity and adaptability.


In the realm of construction, what tape is both a sealant and a shield?

Aluminium foil butyl rubber tape, the unsung hero in the architectural orchestra.

What happens when you combine the reflectivity of aluminum foil with the tenacity of butyl rubber?

You get aluminum foil tape with butyl rubber backing - a material hybrid that defies the elements.

For a tape that laughs in the face of water, what would you recommend?

Aluminum foil butyl waterproof tape, as if Poseidon himself blessed it with hydrophobic powers.

What tape brings together the best of both metallic sheen and rubbery resilience?

Aluminum foil butyl tape, a masterpiece of engineering akin to a bridge between two worlds.

How does one encapsulate the essence of both aluminum's fortitude and butyl's elasticity?

Aluminum foil butyl rubber tape, a material paradox that's both sturdy and supple.

In the world of china butyl aluminum tapes, what merges lightweight aluminum with butyl's steadfast grip?

Aluminum butyl tape, a testament to the alchemy of material science.

When moisture looms like an uninvited guest, which tape forms the impervious barrier?

Aluminium foil butyl waterproof tape - the unsung hero in the war against water infiltration.

What tape marries the resilience of aluminium with the tenacity of butyl?

 Aluminium butyl tape, a fusion of elements reminiscent of an industrial symphony.

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