Leading Manufacturer of Double-Sided Gel & Nano Tapes

As a premier manufacturer, we specialize in double-sided clear gel tape and nano tape, offering innovative and reusable gel adhesive solutions. Our high-quality tapes are designed for versatility and durability, catering to a wide range of industrial and household needs.

SIZE: 10MM X 1M 30MM X 3 M 50MM X 3 M

Expert Manufacturer of Auto Double-Sided Foam Tape

Ideal for mounting and various applications, our bulk tapes offer superior adhesion, durability, and reliability in all automotive environments.

SIZE:0.6/1.5/5CM X 30M X 1MM

EPDM Tape Supplier: Versatile Sealing Solution

Discover our bulk EPDM tape range, including EPDM foam tape, double-sided EPDM tape, and adhesive options.  Find the ideal tape for your projects. Buy now.

SIZE: 20MM X 2MM×10M 30MMX 10MM×5M 50MMX 20MM×2M