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Foshan Opalus Adhesive Products Co., Ltd., founded in May 2015, stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence in the adhesive product industry. Located in the industrious city of Foshan, Guangdong, our company spans a vast area of 12 acres, featuring state-of-the art facilities that encompass over 10,000 square meters of specialized production workshops.

Our team of over 100 dedicated employees, including 12 marketing managers, 8 research and development staff, and 16 technical experts, drives our vision forward. With a focus on cutting edge technology, our production lines are a testament to our commitment to quality and efficiency. We boast an impressive array of equipment, including 5 coating machines, 4 printing machines, 8 automatic slitting machines, and more than 10 cutting machines, all part of our advanced automated assembly lines.

What We Do

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Cutting Production

The process of cutting the adhesive tape is to cut the tape into a small tape that is required. Through advanced equipment and accurate operations,it finally achieves high -quality tape cutting processing.
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Painting Production

The process of tape printing includes design, mould making, printing , inspection and other process. The technicians are finely operated, and each step strives to meet customer needs with high -quality products.
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Coating Production

The process of tape coating is on the production line, coating the glue evenly on the tape, and then dried and formed. The quality is good, the function is strong, and it is convenient to use.
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Quality Inspection

The quality inspection process of the tape includes the inspection of raw material inspection, production process monitoring, and finished product testing to ensure the quality of the product meets the standards and meet customer needs.

Our Factory

Masking tape coating adhesive
The production process of masking tape includes coating glue,dryness,cutting,and wrapping. Through scientific and rigorous production processes, product quality and production efficiency can be ensured.
Double sided tape coating adhesive
Double sided tape production process:glue-drying-cutting-packaging.Strictly follow the standardized production process to ensure product quality and provide customers with high -quality practical adhesive tape!
Foam tape coating adhesive
To coat the glue on the foam tape with solvent or hotmelt adhesive.The foam tape can be widely used in the fields of electronics, furniture, automobiles, robots and other fields, and has good viscosity and buffer protection effects.
Packaging tapes coating adhesive
The process of packaging tape is to scatter liquid glue evenly on the tape through professional machines to ensure that it can bond the two panels of the box to provide firm protection for the packaging.

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The Meaning of Colored Flagging Tape
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