Decode the Growing Popularity of Clear Bopp Jumbo Roll Tape

  • 2023-11-27
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Date, Place ]: The utilities of the Clear Bopp Jumbo Roll Tape have increased hugely, and the suppliers have a prominent role to play. The offerings brought by Foshan Opalus Adhesive Products Co., Ltd., a company established in 2015, have a significant part in the process. They bring innovative tapes designed to meet the customized needs of the clients. 

The product range contains resilient tapes and adhesive products made by R and D experts of the company. With the extensive testing steps and quality checking drills, the ease of finding high-quality products from the brand is not a concern. It makes the company popular across its client base. Its popularity is increasing rapidly with the steady business policy of - "seeking development, customer -respect, integrity, and creating a brand -name."

The future of the Chinese adhesive industry is bright, and the suppliers offering Wholesale Bopp Tape Jumbo Roll can make the most of the opportunities. Foshan Opalus Adhesive Products Co., Ltd., is a company with promising prospects, and the CEO of the establishment is hopeful about the future. Quoting from a recent interview, “We have plans to amplify the products and explore newer varieties of adhesives and packing tapes. It will help our future growth.” The promising offerings are impressive, and the growing client base makes it a robust assurance from the brand’s end!

About the company

Foshan Opalus Adhesive Products Co., Ltd was founded in 2015. The company is based in the city of Foshan, Guangdong. The reputable company is a professional manufacturer and supplier of diverse adhesive and packing materials. The product range includes - Masking Tape, Kraft Paper Tape, Cloth Tape, Nano Tape, Doubled Sided Tape, etc. The product range is diverse with affordable ordering ease. Foshan Opalus Adhesive Products Co., Ltd industrial plant has an ISO 9001-2000 certification, and the factory covers an extensive area of 12 acres. It has 10,000 square meters of professional production workshops with expansive R&D resources. More than 100 employees (including 12 managers, 8 R and D experts, 16 professional technical experts, and designers) are associated with the company. 

Contact information

Find out more about the products supplied by Foshan Opalus Adhesive Products Co., Ltd. at the following contact resources –

Official website – 

Official contact – +86 13426949304

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Official address – No.80909, Guangfo Zhicheng, Foshan City, GD, China

WhatsApp & WeChat: +86 13426949304